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  1. Why Is Strength Training Important For Everyone?

    Why Is Strength Training Important For Everyone?

    Strength training has never really lost its popularity, but do we really know why its so good for us? Here we explore the continued benefits of strength training.

    Strength training helps our bodies perform everyday tasks better, even if this is lifting our children, carrying heavy shopping, weight training helps. You will sometimes see this referred to as functional

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  2. Focus on Negative Movement (or Eccentric) During Weights

    Focus on Negative Movement (or Eccentric) During Weights

    What is negative or eccentric movement? Negative movement is essentially the downward movement during lifting of weights where you lower the weight towards the

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  3. Core Stability - Part 1

    Core Stability - Part 1

    Core stability training is carried out with the aim to effectively recruit the trunk musculature followed by learning how to control the position of the lumbar spine during dynamic movements.

    The Muscles

    The deep trunk muscles are essential to the active support of the lumbar spine. The co-contraction of these muscles produce forces through the "thoracolumbar fascia" and the "intra-abdominal pressure" mechanism. This stabilises the lumbar spine, as a result the Para spinal and MF muscles act directly to resist the forces which act on the lumbar spine.

    The deep trunk muscles consist of:

    • Transversus Abdominis (TA)
    • Multifidus (MF)
    • Internal Oblique (IO)
    • Para spinal
    • Pelvic floor

    It is important how these deep-trunk muscles are recruited, not just their recruitment. In 1997, Hodges and Richardson’s research showed that the co-contraction of the TA and MF muscles occurred before any movement of the limbs. This suggests that these muscles anticipate dynamic forces which may act on the lumbar spine, therefore allowing stabilisation of the area prior to any movement. Hodges and Richardson further showed the timing of co-ordination of these muscles was very significant.


    Once the key muscles and how they act have been identified, the next step is to establish how these muscles can be trained most effectively. Similarly with any type of strength and conditioning training, the training procedure for improving the function of the deep-trunk muscles must be specific to the task that is required. To achieve this, the type of contraction, muscle fibre type and the anatomical position required must be taken into account.

    By definition, the deep-trunk muscles act as "stabilisers" and so are not involved in producing movements, instead these muscles involve static, or isometric, contractions. Moreover, they must act as stabilisers continuously throughout activities that take place every day as well as sport activities and fitness, and due to this require effective endurance of low-level forces. Although these muscles do not need to be particularly strong, they must be correctly coordinated and capable of working continuously.

    In addition to this, stabiliser muscles should act by holding the lumbar spine in the neutral position; this is the correct alignment of the pelvis which allows the natural 'S' curve of the spine to take place. These characteristics create the base for the following deep-trunk muscle training program.

    The Basics of Core Stability Training

    Core-stability training begins with learning to co-contract the MF and TA muscles effectively because this has been identified as a key role to the lumbar-support mechanism.

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  4. Love a Lunge for a Real Leg Workout

    Love a Lunge for a Real Leg Workout

    Should you love a lunge? Single leg or alternate? Popular the world over with personal trainers and fitness instructors, you will see lunges performed everywhere.

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  5. Jordan Fitness Offer Brandable Olympic Weight Discs

    Jordan Fitness Offer Brandable Olympic Weight Discs

    This week Jordan has announced that it is launching a new range of Olympic discs. The discs have three contoured handgrips and allow the user to customise the

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  6. How to Isolate your Biceps

    How to Isolate your Biceps

    You’ve done curl after curl but your biceps won’t grow. What gives? You could be performing curls with sloppy form. This will hinder growth in the

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  7. Using Outdoor Gym Equipment

    Using Outdoor Gym Equipment


    Outdoor gym equipment is essentially gym equipment permanently installed outdoors. In fact you may have already see this in your local park. Often referred

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  8. Buying Guide for Multigyms - Multigym Tips

    Buying Guide for Multigyms - Multigym Tips

    If you want to increase your strength, one of the best options is a multigym. Many people choose a cardio machine first when looking to workout at home, but there are compelling reasons for buying a multigym.

    Strength work has been  underrated by many people, including most women, who are often worried about getting too muscular. However, we have noticed a large change, firstly  the chances of a woman getting overly muscular are remote – the reason men are able to build muscle is because of the amount of testosterone in their bodies.  Women, whose testosterone levels are twenty times lower than men, therefore find it very hard to add much muscle.

    However, when you train on a system such as a multigym, you can dramatically boost your metabolism – this is the speed at which you burn calories.   If your metabolism runs faster, you burn more calories, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    A multigym is a great option for home workouts, because it gives you the ability to perform a wide range

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  9. Buying Guide for Dumbbells

    Buying Guide for Dumbbells

    Many people building a home gym start off with dumbbells. So how is it that one of the simplest pieces of fitness equipment can be one of the most effective?

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  10. Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Many people complain that no matter how hard they work their shoulders, they never seem to grow. The problem most people face is that they are actually doing

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