1. The Latest Inspire FT2 in Matte Black

    The Latest Inspire FT2 in Matte Black

    The Inspire FT2 - It's Latest Incarnation in Matte Black

    Why are we excited? Because we think this is the upgrade that the FT2 has been waiting for. The Inspire FT2 is already a great dual adjustable pulley system for the home or for a commercial studio. It punches well above it's weight thanks to it's build quality, features and the price.

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  2. 5 Essential Pieces of Gym Equipment

    5 Essential Pieces of Gym Equipment

    With so many pieces of gym equipment to choose from it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed and just stick to what you’ve always used. Here we've selected some key

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  3. Should I Buy Used Gym Equipment?

    Should I Buy Used Gym Equipment?

    There maybe are clear advantages to buying used gym equipment with the most obvious one, of course, is price. While buying anything second hand has its risk, the fewer moving parts any used gym equipment has, the less the risk.  Thus items like free weights and benches are the simplest types of used gym equipment to shop for, strength training machines would come somewhere in the middle and cardio machines need the most thought.

    Whatever type of used gym equipment you are buying, there are certain things you need to take into account.

    Factors to Look Out For

    These are by no means exhaustive, but designed to get you thinking.

    • Size

       Measure the space you have available, and make sure that anything you consider fits comfortably.  When buying used you might not have the same level of information (e.g. specs) as with new equipment, so be sure you know what you are getting.

    • Price

       Because many people buy exercise equipment in a rush of enthusiasm, then quit, and similarly, many commercial facilities go out of business, there are always lots of choices, at lots of prices.  Whatever you are buying used, the key is to know what they cost new, and how much use they have had.

    • Options 

      Consider the options on the machine, especially with cardio machines.  Basic models will have few accessories, while higher end models will have full digital readouts with heart rate control and dozens of programmes.  What do you want and how much do you want to pay?  The choice is yours!

    Are There Any Risks?

    The biggest risk – but with the greatest potential savings – comes when you buy equipment from an individual.  When you buy privately the machine will have had

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  4. Buying Guide for Multigyms - Multigym Tips

    Buying Guide for Multigyms - Multigym Tips

    If you want to increase your strength, one of the best options is a multigym. Many people choose a cardio machine first when looking to workout at home, but there are compelling reasons for buying a multigym.

    Strength work has been  underrated by many people, including most women, who are often worried about getting too muscular. However, we have noticed a large change, firstly  the chances of a woman getting overly muscular are remote – the reason men are able to build muscle is because of the amount of testosterone in their bodies.  Women, whose testosterone levels are twenty times lower than men, therefore find it very hard to add much muscle.

    However, when you train on a system such as a multigym, you can dramatically boost your metabolism – this is the speed at which you burn calories.   If your metabolism runs faster, you burn more calories, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    A multigym is a great option for home workouts, because it gives you the ability to perform a wide range

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  5. Multi Gyms - An All-In-One Strength Solution

    Multi Gyms - An All-In-One Strength Solution

    Why buy lots of free weights, bars, a couple of machines and a bench, when a single piece of kit called a multigym could provide you with almost all you need?.

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