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  1. Which Strength Bar Is For Which Exercise?

    Which Strength Bar Is For Which Exercise?

    Most people are used to seeing the barbell but there are many different types of weight lifting bars and it’s important to use the right bar for what you want to achieve. Here we will try to explain the different bars and their uses.

    30mm straight barbell

    A Standard, Straight, Barbell

    Standard barbells are typically used in home gyms and are usually between 5' and 6' long and about 1 inch thick the entire length of the bar. The weight of the bar itself will vary according to the model but can vary between 5kg and 10kg. The bar is dead straight, with a 'collar' each end that prevents the weights from sliding along the bar. Barbells are usually 30mm in diameter - do not confuse with the Olympic 2".

    Most of these bars are made from steel but again the quality will vary according to the model. You may hear the reference ‘whip’ which refers to the bend and rebound that you can experience. You will

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  2. How Can I Work My Pecs?

    How Can I Work My Pecs?

    Your chest includes some of the largest muscle groups in the upper body. The larger the muscle group, the more weight it can handle. However, be careful not to over train in your desire to build that powerful chest.

    We recently sat down with personal trainer Michael Bennett from Equinox gym in London to find out what questions clients ask him most frequently. He told me the number one question his male clients ask is how they can work (and grow!) their pecs.

    Understand Your Chest Structure

    Firstly, for workout novices, your pectorals (aka pecs) are your chest muscles. Located under the breast area in both men and women, they begin at your sternum and connect

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  3. Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Ideas for Building up Shoulders Effectively

    Many people complain that no matter how hard they work their shoulders, they never seem to grow. The problem most people face is that they are actually doing

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