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If you're looking for general fitness, rowing machines could be the answer. The rowing motion uses a range of major muscle groups so you not only work your cardiovascular system but your upper and lower body too. With your lungs working and your heart pumping, your aerobic work from a rower is excellent, whilst being low impact for your joints. Rowing machines are more popular than ever in the home so check our range of competitively priced rowers, including models from WaterRower. Read more...

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  1. Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L
    Floor Protection Mats - S/M/L From:
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    Spirit Fitness R800 Air Rower (Home)
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    Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine
    WaterRower A1 Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower Club Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
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    Row HX Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Lo-Rise)
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    WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine
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    WaterRower M1 Rowing Machine (Hi-Rise)
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    Oartec Slider
    Oartec Slider
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    Life Fitness Row GX Trainer
    Life Fitness Row GX Trainer
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    Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower
    Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Rower
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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Why Choose a Rowing Machine?

One of the first questions we get asked from people looking to buy fitness equipment is why the rower is so good for you. We think there's no better single piece of equipment that's affordable, easy to store and can give you a great all over workout which includes a cardio workout! We've also thought of 4 other key reasons why you should consider buying a rower.

Great Cardio Workout

Using the rower means your using many of the major muscle groups in the upper body and lower body. You are also raising your heart beat and increasing your intake of oxygen to fuel your muscles. Whether you are new to rowing or an advanced or club rower, you can set the resistance to suit your needs and ensure you get a good workout. More advanced machines also now come with the ability to monitor your heart rate too!

Great Conditioning

Whether it's your upper or lower body you're wanting to workout, rowing machines really can do it all! It is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment for low impact cardiovascular exercise.

Your upper body muscles include: shoulders; trapezius (upper back); lats (lower back); biceps; pecs; and also your abs. You even workout your forearms and wrists through gripping the handle.

Lower body-wise rowing produces strong thighs and calves. So this means your quads in the upper front of the thighs, your hamstrings at the back of your thighs, your glutes (buttocks) and your calves all get a good workout of varying intensity!

Great for Burning Calories

By using both the upper and lower parts of your body, you'll find rowing can help you burn over 600 calories an hour. This is an average figure, so the chance to burn more than 800 calories just requires a little more resistance. As a comparison, to burn 600 calories on an exercise bike takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Great for Low Impact

The other great advantage of a rower, is that this is a low impact way to get fit meaning the stress on your joints is pretty minimal. This makes rowing accessible to all and great for rehab. You must watch your rowing position to ensure you don't get lower back pain and ensure you keep the right posture for your upper body to work all the correct muscle groups.

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