Weightlifting Platforms

Weightlifting Platforms For Olympic Lifting

Weightlifting Platforms

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Olympic Lifting Platforms

Not everyone is going to need a weightlifting platform, but if you want to protect your floors and protect your Olympic weights if they are being used for Olympic lifting technques as well as dead lifts, then a good quality weightlifting platform should be part of your strength area.

Questions We're Asked

What do they look like? How thick are they? How heavy are they? What size are they for my home gym?

All questions we get frequently asked prior to customers purchasing. So we thought we'd quickly resolve those here for you:

What Are They?

Essentially they are an additional layer of protection for your floor. Designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of loaded Olympic bars, they consist of two rubber strips that sandwich a central wooden platform area - which is where you stand.

How Thick?

Typically most platforms are between 30 and 40mm thick. This means you either need to build that into your flooring, or simply have an area where there is a small step up for your heavy weight workouts.



and have the rubber sides, with a wooden centre panel where you stand.