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Are Cardio Workouts Important?

Cardio workouts are often seen as the bedrock of a fitness workout. If you want to help build your fitness and protect yourself against heart disease, then cardio is the way to go. In working out your heart and your respiratory system you really can focus on improving your overall fitness, you can start to lose weight through burning calories (especially with a change in diet) and you can build your stamina and endurance for a whole range of activities.

Did you know also that as you workout and gain cardiovascular fitness, your metabolism also increases. This is why fat burning and weight loss will follow, providing you don't head towards the cake shop every time post-workout. So what piece of cardio equipment would suit you?

Treadmills - Running Machines

Along with the exercise bike, treadmills are the most used gym equipment in any gym or studio. Whether you want to own one for the home or not, the treadmill is great for allowing you to run or walk from the comfort of a dry and warm-ish environment.

So if you're wanting to join in that fun run, do a 10k time trial or even attempt a marathon, then buying yourself a treadmill allows you to train at home, train throughout the winter, introduce small inclines and even do Fartlek training if you really want! If you're pushed for space you can also choose to get a folding version in order to store it more easily. Why not check out our selection of treadmills from leading manufacturers.

Exercise Bikes - Spinning Bikes

This is most definitely the most popular single piece of gym equipment. The exercise bike (and in recent years the Spinning Bike) offers a low impact workout which means it's great for your joints and it's simple to use. As you get fitter, or need a new challenge, you can choose the level of intensity.

Bikes offer a great workout for your legs and depending on the intensity, can also help you build muscle whilst improving your cardio stamina. The low impact nature of this piece of equipment makes it perfect for almost everyone and of course it is perfectly suited to home use. You can see our selection of exercise bikes and spinning bikes right here.

Rowing Machines

For a superb aerobic workout, and to ensure you burn calories, a rower is the choice of fitness fanatics. Why? Because you get a superb all over body workout including conditioning for your upper body that includes shoulder, trapezius and lats and for your lower body, quads, calf muscle and glutes will all see a great workout.

The one thing you need to ensure is that you know how to row properly. Your form and posture are vital to ensure you get a great workout as well as to ensure you don't injure yourself. The actual motion of rowing is low impact for your joints, but you could risk injury if you're not using properly. Simple advice on how to row is readily available online though. Check out the selection of rowers we have currently.

Cross Trainers - Elliptical Trainers

Again a low impact but medium to high intensity workout, the cross trainer is perfect for getting yourself back in to shape, or for those that are absolute beginners and looking to lose weight. Combining toning with a cardio workout, you can pretty much get a complete upper and lower body workout.

There's quite a wide range of models from true ellipticals to commercial grade models that come with internet access and heart rate monitors built in. Browse models from Life Fitness, Woodway and Technogym to see the range in full.