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Why Go Functional?

Quite simply if you're serious about your strength and resistance training, but want a versatile, multi-exercise machine that offers more than just a multigym, then functional trainers are a good option to check out. With cables and weight stacks and infinite ways to exercise, they ofer a great value for money option.

Their versatility ensures you can work pretty much every muscle group, in various ways to suit your needs - what is functional training!. Thanks to the selectorised weight plates, whether you are a beginner or advanced user you can work out safely and easily without the need for someone to always be with you.

Things to Consider

The whole point of a functional trainer is that you can perform your exercise safely, in a "plane of movement" that feels natural to you. This is often in contrast to other gym machines.

Some basic things you should always consider when you buy a functional trainer include the rather obvious, but usually forgotten dimensions - especially the height clearance given you usually get a chin up bar!

Other Considerations

  • Don't just buy features and fittings
  • Spend wisely - paying more will buy you higher quality
  • Gross weight - especially if you don't have a solid floor
  • Check "ratio" - 2:1 means 100kg weight stack is actually 50kg lifting
  • See what accessories you get with the basic package
  • Consider a bench - especially with Smith Functional Trainers
  • Saves buying multiple pieces of gym equipment