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Shop the range of body pump weight sets and studio sets at Whether for a group fitness class, or for exercising in front of the TV, studio weights are an easy and affordable option. Choose between a variety of price points and brands, including Jordan, Physical Company, and Escape Fitness to find a body pump weight set that suits your needs.

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    12 set and rack
    Ignite Pump X Urethane Studio Barbell Sets with Rack
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    RBX Rubber Body Pump Sets
    Physical RBX Rubber Body Pump Set - Club Packs
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    Physical PU Body Pump Set - 20 Set Club Pack
    Physical PU Body Pump Set - Club Packs
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What Are Body Pump Sets?

Studio or body pump sets looks very much like barbells and are used in body pump workout sessions which combine traditional strength and cardio training.

The body pump weight set is usually a number of lighter weight plates with spring collars and a steel bar that may, or may not, have a foam coating. In many of the sets the plates are different colours to help you spot immediately what size weight they are.

For Classes or Home?

Body pump barbell sets tend to be used in group classes at a commercial gym but you can use them in your home gym as well. You can either devise your own routines or you can purchase body pump music and DVDs.

One of the major benefits of doing this type of exercise in a class is that it can be a very motivational way to work out with others. However, with a garden or garage gym, there's no need to travel to your body pump sessions.

How Does it Work?

Body pump is all about toning and conditioning. It’s about repetitions and the number of sets, not necessarily about the amount of weight you lift with your pump set. In fact, in one session, you could perform 70–100 repetitions per body part totalling up to 800 repetitions in a single workout. Remember this is not exercise where you are trying to build muscle, instead it’s about increasing circulation, metabolism, and strength.

Body pump exercises are performed whilst standing to fast, upbeat music. The type of exercises you will be doing include:

  • Squats to work your thighs and hips. You will squat with the body pump weight on your shoulders
  • Bicep curls to work out those biceps
  • Lunges for shaping and toning the buttocks
  • Abdominals for strong abs and core
  • Triceps to tone the arms

Benefits of a Pump Set

With body pump, you get a total body workout by increasing your muscle tone, muscular endurance, and bone density. You can adjust your studio weights so you can work out with as much weight as you think is right for you. The workouts are carried out to music so are very motivational. They can also be a great way to burn fat and calories. Depending on your fitness levels you could burn up to 560 calories per body pump session.

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