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    Neoprene Hex Studio Dumbbell Pairs (0.5kg - 10kg)
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Pilates Accessories Buying Guide

When buying any accessory do check that they are compatible with your specific reformer. For example if you own a C2-Pro, make sure you are buying C-Series accessories. The point of buying accessories is that they should allow you to add variety to your routines by allowing you to use the main piece of equipment in a different way. Here we review and advise on the main accessories for the Pilates reformer.

Leg Extensions

Sometimes referred to as an Elevation Stand, the whole point is to raise the height of your reformer bed. This particular accessory generates a high degree of satisfaction from users, for such a simple addition.

Benefits of Leg Extensions

The main benefit of leg extensions is that you are able to easily adjust the bed height of your reformer. This will then help you to complete harder exercises so this is great for those users who may feel they need to push their Pilates on. Leg extensions also make it easier to get on and off the reformer, this is great for both older users but also those who may be using the reformer for rehab purposes. Many users also comment that a stand adds to the comfort of using a reformer.  

What To Look For When Buying Leg Extensions

Look out for a stand that is made of hard duty steel, this will ensure that it can take the weight and strain of all exercises. Also look for rubber tipped legs which means that won’t move about on the floor. As with all accessories do ensure it is compatible with your make of reformer.



A rebounder is essentially a one person small trampoline that you attach to your reformer. Most come with a counter mechanism and two resistance tubes. This adds a degree of cardiovascular benefits to your Pilates. There are a number of different rebounder products in the market. The differences between them are due to materials used, warranty and some come with their own DVD’s.

Benefits Of A Pilates Rebounder

If you use a reformer on a regular basis then you will see improvements in your muscle tone, strength and flexibility. But using the rebounder should add cardiovascular benefits as well as an improvement in overall body strength. In fact exercises using the rebounder will exercise and tone the legs, abdominal muscles and lower back. The resistance tubes then workout your arms, chest, upper back and shoulders. So in effect you get a complete all body workout.

What To Look For When Buying A Rebounder

Check the composition of the rebounder, always look for quality workmanship. The surface should be a durable, heavy duty surface. Also, two resistance tubes ,preferably with foam padded handles, will add the upper body into the equation. Some rebounders will also come with an electronic fitness monitor which can be a great motivational tool. Check that the rebounder is compatible with your reformer.


Box and Pole set

The box and pole is a great way to improve your Pilates workout. Essentially it is a padded box with a strap and a pole. It is designed to be used with your reformer, the strap is used to attach your feet to the reformer.

Benefits Of A Box & Pole

The main benefit is any accessory is that it adds versatility to the main piece of equipment, the reformer. The box and pole will add more depth to your workout and so is great if you want to mix up your Pilates routines. By adding in elevation the box involves you working more complex muscle groups, giving you a greater range of motion.

The pole is usually extendable and is aimed at providing support on standing exercises particularly on single leg exercises and whilst it doesn’t itself add any weight it can help to stabilise the body in the correct position.

Another benefit of the box and pole for the home use is that many boxes come with handles either side so it can be easily moved and stored. The box is also quite lightweight so a good accessory to work with. The box and pole can be used independently.

What To Look For When Buying A Box & Pole

Check weight of box and look for one with handles for ease of use. Check padding on seat for comfort. Also look for straps that offer the best padding and strength. Check that there are foam grips on either end of pole to assist grip assistance.