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Installing a sprint track into your home gym or commercial facility is an obvious benefit to anyone wanting to improve both their sprint starts and short burst speed. But sprint tracks can also add versatility to any workout routine and will certainly challenge different muscle groups.

Here we explore what a sprint track could add to your gym and what you should be looking for.

What Should You Consider When Buying?

The main consideration when buying a sprint track should be to determine who the users are and what they will be doing on the track. If the track is intended for a rugby club for example then you may require different shock pads under the track compared to say a school using the track for sprint purposes only. Likewise, as part of a larger gym, ensuring the track will be flush with the rest of the floor is crucial for safety.

Then you need to consider what look you want. Colour? More than one lane? What size? What markings? Bespoke logos? All of these things may sound overkill, but you will kicj yourself for not considering them when you see the final product that you have paid a lot of money for.

Talking of which, you also need to consider installation as tracks can either be laid loose (you can now buy sprint track tiles) or fully bonded to the subfloor or ply. The latter being our preferred whether for commercial or home install.

What Exercises On A Track?

Using a sprint track for pure sprinting purposes requires explosive movement, this in turn will target your buttocks, thighs, abs, quads, calves and hamstrings. But it’s not just explosive movements associated with sprinting, you could also consider using the sprint track for sled pushing and pulling and also tyre work.

For sled work you can also load on additional weights to add strength into your workout. Remember this can be a push or pull exercise. Other exercises commonly used on sprint tracks include a range of plyometric exercises including box jumps, tuck jumps, burpees and scissor jumps which all help develop the explosive strength associated with sprinting. Do note however that depending on what you are using your sprint track for, you may require a shock pad underlay.

What Size?

We can provide a range of widths, and sometimes bespoke. Most manufacturers suggest a minimum strip size of 1.2m by 15m. However 15m may not be practical for some home gym spaces

What Are The Benefits?

As we’ve explained a sprint track can allow you to train those explosive movements and also allow for sled and tyre work but there are also other benefits. Sprint training could replace your cardio workout and help with fat burning, particularly if you are getting bored with the same old cardio machines.

Certainly you could use it as part of a HIIT workout-that mix of high and low intensity movements. Sprint training on a track can also improve your speed which can be crucial in sport specific training, whether that’s on a football or rugby field or in tennis when you need to move quickly from the back of the court to the net.

Finally, sprint training is also linked to improving your power, not to be confused with strength. By power we mean how fast you can move weight, how effective your muscles are at contracting at high speed.

Which Sprint Track Should You Buy?

There are many different types of track to choose from including rubber rolls, synthetic turf and other synthetic materials including polyurethane or vinyl.

You can now even buy a tile variation of some of these materials. Many tracks also allow you to fully customise the track, including colour, markings and size.

We have a number of diofferent options, but free to call us to find out more.