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The smith machine is the perfect home gym equipment piece. Because they allow you to perform strength training exercises without dropping the weights, smith machines are incredible if you work out alone at home. Whether you use yours for squats only or add in military press and other bench exercises, any home strength gym should have one, so shop the full range below at

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Smith machines for gyms

All well-designed gym smith machines are great for squats and lunges, as well as full body workouts. The smith machine is a frame with two poles on either side which the barbell is attached to. Weight plates are then attached either end of the barbell — and here’s where the safety feature comes in — two hooks attached to the bar catch onto a series of pegs and lock the bar in position.

The right smith machine for you

When choosing a home smith machine for your space, be sure you have the room and a strong enough floor to hold the equipment. Not only are they reasonably tall, but they are also pretty heavy, especially when you then add the Olympic bar and weights to it. If you’re thinking of redesigning your gym, be sure to ask about our expert gym design service.

Equipment-wise, check that the bearings allow for a smooth range of motion and won’t catch on the guide rods. Also, look for several different stops and settings so you have more workouts. A really good machine will give you 15 or 16 different positions. Check that the equipment is stable and that the frame is strong and durable.

There are so many smiths machines on the market, including both vertical and angled smith machines, available with different features. It can be confusing where to start but we think that the following features are important to look for. You can also take a look at our guide to angled smith machines vs  vertical smith machines for even more advice.

  • Heavy gauge tubing
  • Built-in weight stacks
  • Gunrack front lift-off points for free weight training
  • Multiple bar catches (minimum of 13)
  • Linear bearings
  • High and low pulley cables
  • Seven-degree cage track
  • Built-in weight tree on frame
  • Maximum system weight limit of 600 pounds minimum

You may want to consider purchasing a bench, chin up bar and dipping station. This gives you even more flexibility on what exercises you can do.

Buy a smith machine from top brands like Primal Strength and Inspire Fitness here at with finance options available on selected products.