Wall Bars for Strength Training

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Why Use A Wallbar?

If you want to up your training ability, choosing a wall bar is a great place to start. Wall bars are designed to enhance your workout in a variety of ways, from deeper stretching warm-ups to more intense strength training. Wall bars are a great apparatus to be able to hang, climb and swing from and can help strengthen your arms, chest, back and core muscles. 

Wall Bars are also an effective piece of equipment for those looking to reduce back pain or assist with resistance exercises. They are fantastic for mobility, rehabilitation and preventing injury. 

What Wallbar Is Right For My Space?

All you need to install a wall bar is a solid wall that the wall bar can be fixed to. Wall bars are a great space-saving piece of Gym Equipment that look stylish and clean in a home or commercial gym. 

There are many wall bars to choose from, such as minimal wooden designs to fit seamlessly with your interiors and combi-trainers for more advanced workouts. Wall Bars are also a safe piece of equipment to have at home and can be enjoyed by the whole family, from supervised children to adults.

What Kind Of Exercises Can I Do On A Wall Bar?

Wall Bars are an extremely versatile piece of gym equipment and can be adapted to suit your training needs. When deciding what exercises you can do on a wall bar, the world really is your oyster. Wall bars are particularly effective for those looking to improve upper-body strength, targeting shoulders, chest, and back through a variety of strength training exercises. 

Some examples of exercises you can do for the upper body with a wall bar include: 

- Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

- Incline push-ups

- Tricep Extensions (also great for abs!)

Alongside upper-body exercises, wall bars also have a great place for training the core, including exercises such as: 

- Hanging Leg or Knee Raises

- Sit Ups (by hooking your feet into the bars)

Wall bars also help aid flexibility and mobility throughout the whole body, and are much loved by gymnasts and physiotherapists to prevent injuries, correct posture and improve body alignment. 

In addition, wall bars have an excellent place for warm-ups and warm-downs, providing a deeper stretch for those important pre-workout muscle activations, plus helping relax muscle tendons post-workout. 

A wall bar is a versatile piece of equipment that can aid multiple different fitness aims and appeal to a wide variety of users.