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  1. How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?

    For your body to function properly, strong and healthy muscles are important. Additionally, muscle development can enhance physical appearance which some may

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  2. Will Curved Treadmills Make You Work Harder?

    skillmill curved treadmill

    Scientists used a new study which measured the difference in effort runners expended on motorized versus self-powered treadmills. Their conclusion proves that

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  3. Bigger Running Deck, Smaller Overall Footprint - Technogym Excite Live Run

    technogym excite live run

    The latest commercial offer from Technogym is a revolution - more running deck, smaller overall footprint! Check out the superb features of the Technogym Excite

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  4. 8 Benefits Of Taking Part In A Spin Class

    spin bikes

    It’s highly likely you’ve heard a lot about spin classes. It’s also likely that you’ve heard some great things about them too. But you may be left wondering how sit

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  5. How To Choose Between A Power Rack Or Half Rack?

    power rack and half rack

    Ultimately you want to ensure you're buying the right rack (unless you have the space and money to buy both) before you decide which brand or model. Read through

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  6. The Difference Between Half Rack, Full Power Rack & Squat Racks

    power squat racks

    Knowing your power rack from your squat rack and the difference between a half rack and a full rack is all important when you consider the exercises you want

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  7. How To Choose A Treadmill That Works With Zwift

    How To Choose A Treadmill That Works With Zwift

    One of the hottest topics in the fitness equipment industry right now is how digital technology can be used to help keep users engaged and motivated during workouts.

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  8. Tips On Buying Your Gym Flooring

    Tips On Buying Your Gym Flooring

    An essential part of any exercise space, gym flooring is not always one of the initial factors involved when planning out your gym, especially home gyms! But

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  9. The Key To Home Gym Design

    The Key To Home Gym Design

    If you've always dreamed of having a home gym then why not see how you can make this a reality? Benefits include no more waiting for the piece of equipment you

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  10. The Latest Technogym Bike & Live Platform

    The Latest Technogym Bike & Live Platform

    With the new "Technogym Live" digital platform coming soon, what better way to launch it than with a new bike -

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