Power Racks

With a strong steel "cage" frame, a Power Rack is designed to help you with a range of strength training techniques. Power racks should come with spotter arms, J-Hooks and additional features like chin up bars or landmine attachments - but also consider a weight bench for more exercises. Compare the wide range of models we have on offer on GymEquipment.co.uk.

What are the Benefits of Power Racks?

Free weights do build more muscle than machines. Squats, for example, are great exercises to build muscle and strength, but without a power rack (see the Jordan Power Rack for quick reference) , you could struggle to get that bar on your back to squat with.

Power racks are incredibly versatile; there are simply so many exercises you can do, including bench presses, inverted rows, dips and pull-ups. They are also relatively safe because they come with lateral safety pins, which will catch the barbell if something goes wrong.

What Exercises?

Although the squat rack is intended to help you with your squats, did you know it's actually quite a versatile piece of gym kit - especially if you have the height to include the chin up bars.

The additional exercises you can perform include :

  • Shoulder press
  • Back press
  • Back squats
  • Barbell lunges
  • Deadlift
  • Overhead press