1. What Is HYROX Training?

    what is hyrox

    You may, or may not have heard about HYROX training or HYROX workouts. If you're already in to CrossFit then the HYROX buzz is hard to ignore. But what is it? Can you get involved? And is it for you?

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  2. Understanding Cable Machine Movement Ratios

    cable ratios on cable machines

    Make sure you understand what the cable ratio of the cable machine you're about to buy actually means. It can make a big difference depending on how you want to use the machine.

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  3. Choosing An Angled or Vertical Smith Machine?

    angled or vertical smith machine

    What Is A Smith Machine?

    If you like your strength machines, the Smith Machine is a steel frame that at the front has a fixed barbell that runs on vertical steel rails. The barbell

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  4. The Align C2 Pro RC Is a High Quality Affordable Reformer

    align c2 pro rc reformer

    With a redesign and some new features, the fifth generation of the Align Pilates C2 Pro RC gets even better. There's a new "rapid change" spring bar that you can do with one hand as well

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  5. A Folding Treadmill Or Non Folding Treadmills - Which is Best?

    A Folding Treadmill Or Non Folding Treadmills - Which is Best?


    Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment. If you’ve decided to invest in one you’re likely to be faced with a dilemma; a

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  6. 5 Best Workouts for Shoulders

    A woman doing a pull up

    Working out the anterior, lateral and posterior deltoid heads is an essential part of a well-rounded upper-body routine. Build strength and stability with these simple shoulder exercises. 

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  7. Choosing Dumbbells For Working Out

    buy dumbbells


    Dumbbells, also called hand weights, look similar to mini barbells. A dumbbell comes in

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  8. The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Home Gym Equipment

    The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Home Gym Equipment

    Creating an aesthetically pleasing home gym is a fantastic way to combine functionality and style, so you can work out at home without compromising your interior design. By carefully selecting visually

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  9. 8 of The Best Fitness Podcasts to Inspire You in the Gym

    men and women high fiving after a workout

    Welcome to the world of podcast-powered workouts! If you're tired of the same old gym playlist or seeking a fresh way to stay motivated during your sweat sessions, it's time to consider listening to some

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  10. What Muscles Does An Exercise Bike Work?

    Group of people doing a spin class

    Looking for a low impact form of exercise, that is an efficient and effective method of losing weight? Take a break from the treadmill, and jump

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