1. Calculating Your Training Zone

    training zones


    To workout effectively and efficiently, knowing your optimum training zones can be a great way to ensure you're focusing on the right type of training -

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  2. Compound Strength Movements For Back, Abs and Arm Strength

    compound strength exercises


    Total body training which includes multi-joint or otherwise known as, compound, lifts such as deadlifts build a stronger back and better abs.

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  3. Improving Your Performance With Glute Training

    glute training


    Although glute training has become more popular, there is still a considerable amount of confusion which surrounds the need and requirement for this particular

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  4. Will Curved Treadmills Make You Work Harder?

    skillmill curved treadmill

    Scientists used a new study which measured the difference in effort runners expended on motorized versus self-powered treadmills. Their conclusion proves that

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  5. How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?

    How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?

    For your body to function properly, strong and healthy muscles are important. Additionally, muscle development can enhance physical appearance which some may desire to strive towards.

    To achieve good body strength and function, it is vital to build healthy muscles. Noticing the muscle growth can take a considerable amount of time but results can be maximised with regular workouts which include resistance training, incorporated aerobic activity and a healthy diet fuelled by the appropriate micro and macro nutrients.

    Personal training can provide beneficial insights into proper exercise form and methods in addition to varying intensity and interval of training which is suited best to the individual. However, before starting any new diet or exercise program, it is important to consult a doctor who will advise how to make the right choice in order to achieve personal desired results.

    Movement is made possible through the contraction of muscle fibers within the skeletal muscles. How a person sits and stands – their posture - is also dependent on muscle contraction. Muscles also affect your ability to maintain body temperature, heat production and joint stability.

    Skeletal muscles are organs as well as muscles, containing multiple components of which include; muscle fibers, nerve, connective, vascular or blood tissues.

    In different parts of the body, muscles vary in size from smaller muscles located in the ear to much larger ones in the thigh.

    The Simple Facts About Building Muscle

    The best way to build muscle is unique dependent on the individual’s goals

    Talking about injuries and other health information with a doctor before starting a new exercise programme is essential

    Muscle growth depends on several factors and can take weeks to months in regard to undergoing resistance training exercise

    How Long Does It Take?

    Muscle strength and muscle mass decrease as we age; this is especially significant in men who have been noted to lose muscle mass at a much faster rate in comparison to women of the same age.

    Nonetheless, the more muscle which is present at the beginning of an exercise programme will result in more changes being noticeable when training.

    For many reasons, men and women’s muscle response to resistance training is different as a result of numerous reasons including body composition and size along with different hormones. One study which

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  6. Bigger Running Deck, Smaller Overall Footprint - Technogym Excite Live Run

    technogym excite live run

    The latest commercial offer from Technogym is a revolution - more running deck, smaller overall footprint! Check out the superb features of the Technogym Excite Live Run below.

    Quite simply, Technogym have looked at all aspects of their treadmills and worked some magic with the Excite Live Run. A more compact, yet ample deck space running machine that has market-leading interactivity and metrics for you to optimise and maximise your running or walking. With a host of great features, there's exercises or workouts for all - along with the cushioned deck to help prevent injuries.

    More Deck, Less Footprint

    As you can see below, the new design that has moved the motor from the front of the treadmill, allows for a larger running deck and a smaller footprint. Perfect!


    The new and improved running deck also provides a large cushioned surface to help with shock absorption. So 13% more space and a whopping 30% less footprint thanks to the motor now being housed beneath

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  7. 8 Benefits Of Taking Part In A Spin Class

    spin bikes

    It’s highly likely you’ve heard a lot about spin classes. It’s also likely that you’ve heard some great things about them too. But you may be left wondering how sit

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  8. How To Choose Between A Power Rack Or Half Rack?

    power rack and half rack

    Ultimately you want to ensure you're buying the right rack (unless you have the space and money to buy both) before you decide which brand or model. Read through

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  9. The Difference Between Half Rack, Full Power Rack & Squat Racks

    power squat racks

    Knowing your power rack from your squat rack and the difference between a half rack and a full rack is all important when you consider the exercises you want

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  10. How To Choose A Treadmill That Works With Zwift

    How To Choose A Treadmill That Works With Zwift

    One of the hottest topics in the fitness equipment industry right now is how digital technology can be used to help keep users engaged and motivated during workouts.

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