Weight Sleds & Gym Sleds

Also known as a prowler sled, our weight sleds and gym sleds are tough, durable and can be used with weights on concrete or artificial turf like a sled track. Push or pull your way to glory and browse the collection of weight sleds on offer at GymEquipment.co.uk today.

Discover how the right weight sled can help you with your strength training or workout ideas. With a number of styles available, they all allow you to add your Olympic weight plates and customise the resistance to suit your strength level. With a push or pull mechanism, they offer a versatile and effective workout designed to improve your strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Our gym sleds and prowler sleds provide a dynamic and efficient workout experience for full-body conditioning. Discover push sleds from top brands like Primal Strength, Exigo, and Jordan. We're committed to providing top-tier sled machines for the gym, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals with quality equipment.

These prowler sleds are ideal for commercial gyms and PT studios, but can also be used in home gyms where space allows. Enquire about our gym interior design service for advice on making the most of your available fitness space.

Shop the collection of gym push sleds today and get free UK delivery when you spend £99 or more.