Functional Rigs

Gym Rigs For Commercial & Home Use 

A popular addition to many professional and home gyms, a gym rig features a steel frame with attachments of your choice. In effect, gym rigs offer a more compact and often more practical alternative to a half or full rack. You can also choose between a wall-mounted or freestanding rig to suit your home or commercial gym requirements. 

Being highly durable and robust, they are often the focus for strength exercises, including pull-ups, squats, and shoulder press or military press.

Choosing a Modular Option

Above all, gym rigs offer a modular approach meaning that you can choose one or two rigs to start with, then add more as you expand your offering or feel you need more options. You can also choose to add specific attachments like a landmine or monkey bars post-install.

Lots of functional gym rigs can take 10-12 users at the same time, with ten different workout stations possible to increase variety.

What Types Of Exercise Can Be Performed With A Gym Rig?

Functional Gym Rigs offer endless possibilities when it comes to its exercise capabilities. Designed with versatility in mind, gym rigs can be used for bodyweight exercises, assault courses, suspension training, target practice and more. The primary features you would expect to see in a gym rig include:

-Monkey Bars

-Pull Up Bars

-Built-in Cable Machines 

-Storage Solutions for Free Weights 

A multi-rig allows a user to have a very comprehensive workout reaching advanced fitness levels. All body areas can be covered with a multigym, with emphasis on shoulders, arms, back core and grip strength, as well as agility and coordination.

What Gym Rigs Are Available At Gym Equipment?

Here at Gym Equipment, we offer a wide variety of functional gym rigs to suit your needs. The gym rigs vary in size and price, ranging from more compact space-saving rigs right up to full-wall rigs for multiple users. We stock some of the highest quality and cost-effective rigs on the market from trusted brands. 

Examples include Life Fitness’ popular Synergy range, which is a multi-jungle group training system with limitless workout options. 

Primal Strengths gym rigs prove increasingly popular for those looking to improve performance capabilities due to their multi-rack mount storage shelves and built-in targets. Primal Strength gym rigs are available in compact options for a solo user right up to large-scale rigs for up to three users at a time. 

Gym Gear continues to be a favourite in the gym-rig market, ticking every box when it comes to workstations with their high-performance Spartan range. 

When it comes to stocking and choosing rigs, we have a criteria checklist: 

-Clear and defined workstations

-Diverse workout capabilities 

-Ability to add additional attachments 

-Integrated storage solutions 

-The correct size for the expected amount of users

If you’d like further guidance on what gym rig is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for further information.