Medicine Balls

Upgrade your functional workouts with a medicine ball from today. A medicine ball looks a little like a basketball but will weigh anything from 1kg to 15kg and can be a really useful piece of exercise equipment. They tend to be used in what is called plyometric training, which is training that involves quick, powerful movements. They are commonly used amongst both sports professionals and amateurs alike. We have a wide variety to browse in this collection, so explore the full range below.

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Using medicine balls in your exercise regimen

There are three main ways for you to use a medicine ball, also referred to as a weigh ball. They come with a number of additional uses, such as being used to improve flexibility or hand-eye coordination, but the following are the most common.

Core strength

Essentially this means that medicine balls can help build your abdomen and back muscles. The best way to use the ball for this is to work with a partner and literally throw the ball to and fro. To work the obliques, you can also throw slightly to the side.

Strength training

By simply holding the ball when you are doing squats and lunges, you increase the intensity of the exercise and improve your muscle workout. To work the triceps, hold the ball over your head and bend your arms at the elbow lowering the ball behind your head. In this way, they are similar to the way you would use a dumbbell.


Medicine ball sets are commonly used in rehab by physiotherapists to help after recovery from surgery, typically on joints like the knees. A medicine ball with handles can be especially useful for rehabilitation purposes as it can make the user feel more secure by providing extra grip.

Medicine ball weights

Medicine balls come in a variety of weights. This includes smaller 1kg–3kg medicine balls, mid-weight 4kg–5kg medicine balls, and heavier 10kg+ options. When it comes to choosing the right one, it all depends on what you want to achieve. If it’s strength training that matters to you most, then you should use a heavy medicine ball.

The ball should also be proportionate to your size. The best way to judge this is to check that you are comfortable when you are exercising with the ball and that you remain in control. Do also remember that, unlike free weights, medicine balls are not meant to build muscle mass. They instead focus on power, core strength, and flexibility.

Safety considerations

As medicine balls could be thrown around as part of the workout, do make sure you take care when using one. You also need to be aware that as the weight increases, the strain on your wrists increases.

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