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Explore the collection of cable machines at Perfect for both beginners and those seasoned in strength training, these versatile pieces of kit make a great addition to any gym if you have the space and the budget. Get a total body workout with these cable machines, with workouts like the cable crossover, bicep cable curl, cable flyes, and more all possible on one machine.

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A cable pulley machine, as the name suggests, uses cables through a pulley system to lift weight plates. On one end of the cable is the handle and the other end is attached to a weight stack. In this way, it provides resistance for your muscles to work against. This is a single cable machine and is great for targeting isolated muscle groups.

Some cable machines have two weight stacks, connected to two cables with two pulleys. This is a cable crossover machine. You stand in between those two cables and can pull the cables in almost any direction. You will also see handlebars on top of the steel frame which allow you to do pull ups and chin ups.

You'll also come across dual adjustable pulleys, which consist of two weight stacks controlled by a pin loading system. Some people find these easier to manage as the weight you are lifting is essentially halved. The big benefit of these cable gym machines is the sheer volume of exercises that you can perform on them. They also come with a range of cable attachments that add even more options into your training.

To summarise, a cable weight machine simply provides an alternative to free weights, allowing you to perform some exercises such as lat pulldowns more easily.

These cable machines are perfect for home gyms and commercial spaces, so shop the collection today and be sure to browse our selection of multigyms, smith machines, and more. We also offer an expert gym design consultancy service to help you find the perfect gym equipment for your needs and design your dream fitness space. Enquire today.