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Gym mats and exercise mats are one of the most essential pieces of exercise equipment. If you're building a gym at home, then you will need to invest in some exercise mats both to protect your floor and your body. Shop the full collection of foldable mats, thick mats, non-slip options and more at

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    supasoft studio mat small 12mm
    Supasoft Studio Mat - Small 12mm
    From: £19.14
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    supasoft medium studio mat 12mm
    Supasoft Studio Mat - Medium 12mm
    From: £26.34
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    vinyl aerobic mats
    Vinyl Aerobic Mats
    From: £30.30
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    Physical Company Club Yoga Mat with Central Posture Line - Black
    Physical Company Club Yoga Mat with Central Posture Line
    From: £32
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    studio mats large 12mm
    Supasoft Studio Mat - Large 12mm
    From: £35
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    jordan sports mats
    Sports Mats (9mm / 19mm)
    From: £45
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Exercise mats can help to protect your gym flooring from general wear and tear. They also help to reduce impact in your body. If you have ever performed sit ups on a wooden floor you will know how painful this can be on your back!

Types of gym mat

There are a variety of gym mats available that are suitable for a wide range of exercises.

General workout mats

General workout mats are best for performing sit ups, press ups or squats. If you are doing an ab workout and need to protect your back, then you may want a mat with more thickness.

Workout mats can come in a variety of materials so look for a mat that can be easily wiped clean. PVC, latex and rubber are very popular choices, along with cork mats. Also, since you will be using a lot of mats barefoot, make sure to check that you are comfortable with the material your feet will be on.

Other considerations should be the size of the workout mat itself. Be sure to get a mat that can accommodate your full body when you are lying down, but also fits in your gym. If space is an issue, consider buying a roll up or foldable mat, or even a mat that comes with a bag that can easily be put away.

Yoga mats

Yoga mats tend to be thinner than general workout mats but do come in various thicknesses and materials. Yoga is all about holding certain poses so getting the right cushioning is crucial. PVC and rubber can be a popular choice for yoga mats as they will provide traction to help hold that pose. These materials are also fairly easy to keep clean.

Pilates mats

A Pilates mat will tend to be thicker and firmer than normal mats and is therefore well suited to Pilates routines where you are aiming to push off the mat as opposed to bouncing off it. This thickness is the essential difference between a yoga and a Pilates mat.

Mats for exercise equipment

Mats are also available for use under your exercise equipment like free weights, helping to protect your floor from damage and provide a non-slip surface. For equipment, you have a range of options including rubber mats and cushion tiles. What you choose will depend on the space you have, your budget and whether you want your home gym to be mobile or not.

Shop the collection at and get free UK delivery over £100. If you’re not sure what type of gym mat is best for your space, get in touch with our helpful team. We also offer a home, garage and commercial gym design service