Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar (Single)

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Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar (Single)

Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar (Single)

Perfect for home gym, using an Olympic Dumbbell bar will enable you to isolate muscles to give them an in depth workout. Buy this single Pro Olympic dumbbell bar and you can use with any Olympic discs you already have. This is a steel brushed dumbbell bar and comes with precision bearings that ensure a smooth rotation of the ends when you're lifting - which means no changing your grip!

You will need to buy Olympic collars as they are not supplied with the bar but choose either spring or locking collars. Part of a range of brushed steel Pro Olympic bars they have a 28mm grip and it weighs 4.5kg.

Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar

Working out with dumbbells will help you to get more control over your lifting. Using dumbbells also helps to engage muscles around the targeted muscle you are working on. For example with seated shoulder raises, you engage additional muscles that help to stabilise your lift of the weights. The Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar is part of a series of bars that have a brushed steel finish and rotating collars.

Buy this single Pro Olympic Dumbbell Bar either for a home or commercial environment and the number of exercises you can perform is superb. From simple bicep curls to shoulder raises, triceps, traps and upright rows.

Key Features of the Olympic Dumbbell Bar

  • Aluminium Training Bar
  • Grip is 28mm
  • Uses Precision bearings for smooth rotation
  • Weighs 5kg
  • One Year Warranty
  • Sold as a single bar
  • Buy Olympic Collars separately
More Information
Weight 5kg
Equipment Usage Home & Commercial Use
Warranty 1 year
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