Technogym Breaks a Guinness World Record!

What Record Did They Break? On Saturday 26th November 2016 Technogym broke the Guinness World record for 'most mechanical energy produced by pedalling on static bicycles in one hour'.

How Did They Do It?

This took place in Dubai and involved 300 cyclists pedalling on 105 Group Cycle bikes. They each pedalled in shifts lasting 20 minutes each. They managed to amass an incredible energy output of 8999kWh.

Technogym also turned the world’s tallest building-the Burj Khalifa into the world’s tallest fitness console. They achieved this by using their MyWellness cloud platform to project the energy being produced in real time on the outside of the building.

What is the Technogym Group Cycle?

Technogym’s Group Cycle was the world’s first indoor cycling bike and is still as popular as ever. Group Cycle Connect is Technogym’s new solution for indoor cycling and has been awarded the ADI Design Index 2016. ADI (Industrial Design Association) gave the award for innovative design, ergonomics, noise reduction and ease of use. From this bike you get the real feeling of road cycling and smooth and secure pedalling.

MyWellness Cloud

In addition to great design the Group Cycle Connect can also allow you to monitor your performance as the console is connected to Technogym MyWellness Cloud. The data available is truly remarkable, offering you data on your heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption. All data can be saved and is accurate to +/- 2%.  The console also requires no batteries, it is powered by the user’s motion. Add into the mix inspirational videos and music and you can see why the Group Cycle Connect is an impressive piece of kit.