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Our Home Gym Design Service

Increasingly popular, home gyms can start with just a mat, ball or a few dumbbells and extend to multiple cardio machines, rigs and much more. We specialise in helping you decide on how best your space can work for you.

If so maybe you should consider setting up a gym in your own home. This used to be the domain of the rich and wealthy but that’s a thing of the past. You may be surprised at what can be achieved, even in small spaces. Read on to see how we can help you set up your own home gym whatever your budget or space.

Why Have a Home Gym?

Having your own gym at home brings many advantages. Firstly, you don’t have to contend with waiting for equipment. This can be infuriating if time is tight and you can’t get on the equipment that you want. January can be a particularly annoying month when the world descends on your gym and you end up having to queue for equipment. A home gym enables you to work out when you want, even if its 2 am in the morning!

At home you can work out to the music you want, even if it’s Dolly Parton! You can wear what you want without fear of being stared at by the fashionistas. You get the equipment that you want depending on what you want to achieve and finally there are no gym membership fees.

How Can We Help You?

The most important thing to say is that a home gym needn’t cost you the earth. Just a few bits of equipment, well selected for your needs, can make all the difference.  So to ensure that you spend your money wisely we will work with you to deliver 5 key things:

  • Understanding Your Needs

    It is essential that we understand what you want to achieve, how much money you want to spend and whether you will be the only person using the gym. From this we can design a bespoke gym that is right for your home.
  • Maximising Your Space

    Depending on the space you have it is key that the gym we develop is functional for the space you have. You don’t want your gym to look either overcrowded or simply empty. We will put together a gym design for you that properly uses the space you have.
  • Intelligent Equipment Selection

    Ensuring that your home gym works for you is dependent on the right choice of gym equipment. Once we understand your fitness needs we will select the equipment that best meets the brief.
  • Clear Budgeting and Project Management

    We will guide you as to the budget you will need based on your preferred gym design and will ensure that your budget is well managed. Alongside this you will receive a project management plan so that you are clear about time scales, communication and key delivery dates.
  • Strong Technical Expertise

    We will advise you on what we believe will best work for you based on our experience of putting in home gyms for other people. This will encompass advice on the gym equipment itself but also other aspects such as the lighting, flooring and heating of your gym and the overall creation of a stimulating home gym environment.

Need a Personal Trainer?

Setting up a home gym is a great starting point. But it is essential that you know how to use all the equipment safely and that you make the best use of it. Hiring a personal trainer could be very useful to ensure this but also to motivate you to meet all your training goals.

Our unique relationship with the NRPT, The National Register of Personal Trainers, means that we can put you in touch with a personal trainer in your area.

Why Work with GymEquipment.co.uk?

We have the expertise to ensure that whatever your budget your money is spent wisely. From the initial design of your gym, to advice on budget and products, we have the experience and technical knowledge to ensure that your gym works for you.

We are not tied to any one manufacturer of gym equipment so we can select exactly what we believe is right for you, not what we have to sell you.

And finally, our greatest USP of all, us!

The person you buy from is the same person who project manages you from beginning to end. This way we develop relationships with our clients based on real trust and understanding.

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