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You may, or may not have heard about HYROX training or HYROX workouts. If you're already in to CrossFit then the HYROX buzz is hard to ignore. But what is it? Can you get involved? And is it for you?

What Is HYROX?

A test, and race, of fitness and strength. HYROX is for everyone no matter where you start as you don't need a 'qualification' to start the race and there's no time limit. The format is pretty much set in stone whether you workout in the USA, Iceland, France, Singapore, Australia or the UK. Starting with a 1km run, you then do a functional movement, then back out on another 1km run. This is repeated 8 times in all to create the race. Even better - it is normally hosted by an indoor venue - think Excel or NEC. This creates a totally unique atmosphere that those racing seem to love.

The beauty of HYROX is that it combines the cardio with functional training. This suits lots of people as it mixes up the workout. This has therefore created gym owners with a new avenue to encourage members in to your gym (see our advice below) but you do need the right equipment and a bit of space.

The HYROX Format

A Hyrox race is (and you have to complete in this order):

1km run  
>    1km ski erg
1km run
>    50m sled push
1km run
>    50m sled pull
1km run
>    80m burpee broad jump
1km run
>    1km row erg
1km run
>    200m farmers carry
1km run
>    100m walking lunges
1km run
>    100 wall balls


As you can see, the event 'nicely' splits up cardio from "CrossFit" functional exercises - meaning you get variety at every round. The only two rounds where this changes slightly is the 1st and 5th rounds - where you run followed by a further cardio burn (ski erg in round 1 and row erg in round 5)!

This sequence of short workouts is anything but simple - but slow and steady through each round and almost everyone finishes - supported by the other competitors and the crowds in the arena. It really is quite a special atmosphere.

Are There Different Races?

HYROX is open to everyone. As a result, they open up races to as many people as possible by having a number of different options, with a "Normal" and a "Pro" category.

You can therefore compete as an individual, as a double (but you both have to run - just share the functional exercises!) or as part of a relay (a team of 4 - you each need to complete 2 legs which is a 1km run and a functional exercise).

With both the individual and doubles, this is where there is a "Normal" or a "Pro" option. The Pro’s use heavier weights on some stations.

hyrox singles


hyrox doubles

hyrox pro doubles


hyrox relay


Why Start HYROX?

One of the best things about HYROX workouts, and this is why it is loved so much around the world, is its ability to provide a challenging yet inclusive fitness experience. All HYROX events offer a unique blend of functional workouts and endurance challenges that all individuals of all fitness levels can take part in. There's no time limit and no pressure. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness competitions, HYROX provides an opportunity to push your limits in a supportive and encouraging environment.

The variety of challenges, from running and rowing to functional exercises, keeps participants engaged and motivated throughout the event. Additionally, the sense of community and camaraderie among participants creates a positive atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Ultimately, the best thing about HYROX is its ability to inspire individuals to push themselves physically and mentally while fostering a strong sense of community within the fitness world.

Want To Change Your Gym?

Are you a box owner or run a commercial gym and want to make some changes? We can help you design your gym to offer HYROX training.

With HYROX events featuring running, the ski erg, sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jumps, sandbag lunges, rowing, farmers carry and wall balls, the key thing is to create some space for your functional exercises. However, you also need to create a flow to the gym. What do we mean?

Depending on the class sizes you want to manage (let's say up to 15), unless you have a huge space (think 3000sqft+) having 15 Ski Ergs, 15 Rowers and then all the space needed for sleds, wall balls and burpees, will just mean bedlam if you're not careful.

If you zone key areas and ensure the flow of the gym works, you can have 4 - 6 skiers and rowers and you ask users to start at different rounds. This serves not only to keep the number of pieces of equipment to a minimum, but also to prevent huge crowding around the same pieces. it will also cost about 1/3rd of the price of kitting out your new gym.

We provide all the equipment you need in our CrossFit and Functional Training section, or click on the quick links below to go straight to the relevant category

Ski Ergs & Rowers
Gym Sleds
Kettlebells (Farmers Carry)
PowerBags and Sandbags (Lunges)
Wall Balls

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