1. Strength Training Exercises For Runners

    Strength Training Exercises For Runners

    Why Do You Need To Strength Train?

    As a runner you probably put the miles in each week but why should you also build up your strength? Basically it will help to prevent injury, may also improve your efficiency as a runner and also improve your running economy.

    Leg Strength Exercises

    For runners it is important to focus on single leg exercises. This is because as a runner you only have one foot on the ground at any given time. So single leg exercises best reflect what you will be doing when running. But also it will help you to build two equally strong legs. The truth is that when you exercise on two legs the stronger leg will do more of the work. When you are starting single leg exercises try to start with your weaker leg. Exercises to focus on include:

    The Single Leg Deadlift

    Holding a kettlebell in one hand, stand on the leg on the same side and bend at the hip extending your free leg behind you

    Pistol squat

    Lift one foot off the floor, put your arms in front of you. Lower yourself into a squat so that your lifted leg is straight out in front of you.

    Single Leg Press

    This is an exercise machine exercise. Plant one foot on the platform and fully extend the knee then return to the starting position

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    Exercises With Barbells

    These exercises help to build strength in the hips, quads, hamstrings and glutes. All critical muscle groups for runners. The hips in particular are very important when running as they will help to create a consistent cadence. Exercises here include:

    The Deadlift

    With feet shoulder width apart bend at the hip, so you grip the bar at shoulder width. Lower your hips and flex the knees until your shins contact the bar. Keeping your chest up move the weight upwards, as you pass the knees pull the bar back and then lower the bar.

    Front Squat

    Hold the barbell just below shoulder height, your feet should be shoulder width apart, descend into the squat then drive back up through your heels.

    Back Squat

    Supporting the barbell on the top of the traps, keep your back straight and head up descend then drive the weight back upwards.

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    Plyometric Exercises

    You may also think of plyometric as jump training. Essentially plyometric is all about jumping and or hopping but crucial to it is the understanding that a concentric muscle contraction (take off phase) is much stronger if it immediately follows an eccentric contraction (landing phase) of the same muscle. Plyometric exercises are all about explosive actions and they are really good at building power. Why is that important in running? Well because it will make you a more efficient runner particularly building efficient strides. Exercises that can be good for runners include:

    Jump Squat

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  2. Why Choose A Step Machine For Your Gym?

    Why Choose A Step Machine For Your Gym?

    Step machines, or steppers, as the title suggests mimic the movement the body goes through when climbing stairs. They are a great way to build stronger legs and also provide a good cardiovascular workout. They are anything but an easy touch despite what some may say.

    What Type Of Exercise Will I Get On A Stepper?

    Steppers provide aerobic exercise. Working out on a stepper will develop your cardiovascular fitness, build your lower body muscles and burn calories of course! They are not an easy ride

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  3. Self Powered Treadmills - The New Trend

    Self Powered Treadmills - The New Trend

    The UK country manager for SportsArt, Roger Eldergill, says “self-powered bikes and steppers have been around for a long time, but it’s the advent of self-powered treadmills that’s really exciting”. With NOHrD, Primal Strength and Woodway now launching self-powered treadmills it seems this piece of equipment will continue to increase in popularity.

    Sports Performance

    Technogym and Matrix do not only have the desire to be environmentally friendly but are both heavily interested in the sports performance capabilities, something that is clearly evident from the marketing of their new products. The users of this equipment can combine the four aspects of power, speed, stamina and agility training, at the same time.

    The SkillMill treadmill is being positioned as the ideal piece of equi

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  4. Keeping Fit Whilst On Holiday

    Keeping Fit Whilst On Holiday

    Booked your summer holiday but wondering how you can maintain your fitness whilst away? You can keep fit on holiday without having to take any bulky equipment

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  5. The Future of Park Runs in Doubt

    The Future of Park Runs in Doubt

    Who Are ParkRun? Parkrun UK is an organisation who organise free, weekly 5km timed runs in local parks. They are designed to be open to everyone and are free.

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  6. Use Equipment to Help Your Running

    Use Equipment to Help Your Running

    If you love running but want to improve your performance don’t just focus on the running. It is crucial that you think about adding strength training into

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