Wooden Fitness Equipment - Unique and Functional

The evolution of the wooden rowing machine in the mid 1980’s by the company, WaterRower, has led to the rise of wooden fitness equipment designed for both home gyms and fitness studios. This was as a result of high demand, particularly from the German market, for wooden equipment that was both stylish and functional.

Beautiful Wood

As a result of this demand, the German company ‘NOHrD’ developed their own range of wooden fitness products that have wood finishes consistent with the WaterRower brand. As the two companies have developed products with wood finishes to match one another, these wooden gym pieces have become a ‘family’ of equipment, allowing domestic and commercial customers to purchase a full wooden gym solution.


water rower


The WaterRower was designed with the objective to set it apart from other fitness equipment, and along with NOHrD products, both companies boast award winning designs. The wooden models have been produced to the highest standards and are handcrafted from a selection of the world’s finest hard woods.

These woods identify the WaterRower products; Natural (Ash), Club (Stained Ash), Oxbridge (Cherry) and Classic (Walnut). WaterRower prides itself on sustainable and eco-friendly resources which are sourced from the finest Appalachian hardwoods from replenishable forests. In addition to this, each model is coated with Danish oil for longevity and durability.

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The NOHrD range offers the same four wood finishes on all of their products, so you can choose from; Ash, Stained Ash, Cherry and Walnut. These finishes translate to the WaterRower products above and the fact that they use the same wood means that you can create a home workout space with matching products.

The difference in wood finishes of the NOHrD range is designed to suit individual tastes. A few examples of their stylish, practical and unique products include; the SlimBeam (a single stack adjustable pulley), Swing Bells & Tower (free weights), Wall Bars and the TriaTrainer (a multi-purpose exercise bench).

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nohrd slim beam


The SlimBeam features all the benefits of a traditional cable machine in an incredibly compact design making it perfect for a home gym that is limited on space. It has a height adjustable dual-pulley, a 75kg weight stack and chin-up/sit-up bar. As well as its space saving credentials,the number of exercise possibilities allows users to train all areas of the upper and lower body.

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swing bell tower

Swing Bell

Swing Bell workouts are great for toning and conditioning exercises and the variety of sets available means they are suitable for all fitness levels. The tower which stores the swing bells perfectly complements the rest of the NOHrD and WaterRower range and includes exercise instruction cards to assist you during workouts. The swing weights have a wooden handle and leather outer containing iron pellets which creates a dynamic imbalance as they shift within the leather sack.

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wall bars

Wall Bars

Wall Bars are ideal for gymnastic and calisthenic type workouts. The upper bar folds out allowing chin-ups, pull-ups and hanging or swinging exercises to be performed. By working out on wall bars, core and back muscles will be utilised and they can be effective in treating back pain. The NOHrD Wall Bars are versatile and provide a full-body training station in a very small amount of space. The WallBars which were manufactured in Germany can be used to climb on, stretch and perform other exercises. Resistance bands can also be attached for rehabilitative exercises and there are bench and dipping attachments available to further enhance the exercise capabilities.

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tria trainer


The TriaTrainer is a multi-functional exercise bench that has three key positions; closed, half open and fully extended. You can adjust the bench to each position which allows you to focus on different muscles (core, back and chest) depending on which of the 3 positions you choose. The TriaTrainer is a robust 3-in-1 trainer ideal for the home market due to its small footprint and is easy to store in its folded ‘stool’ position. Furthermore, the product can be used for all conventional bench workouts with or without free weights.

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In Summary

Wooden fitness innovations appear to be here to stay and offer a unique gym solution. They are ideal for home gyms, hotels and gyms on board yachts that want that design edge but are also becoming increasingly popular for fitness/pilates studios to offer an eye catching alternative to traditional equipment.