Which Rowing Machine does Frank Underwood use in House Of Cards?

It’s a question that thousands of viewers of Netflix’s House of Cards series want to know – even now months after the latest House of Cards season four. What rower does Frank Underwood own and use? The quick answer - it’s a WaterRower!

Whether you’re a subscriber to Netflix, or not, you have probably heard about House of Cards thanks to Kevin Spacey’s award-winning portrayal of Frank Underwood. Now having completed it’s fourth season to critical acclaim, the WaterRower continues to make appearances.

Who Is Frank Underwood?

He’s a fictional character that is the protagonist in the Netflix series House of Cards. In Series One Frank is the Democratic Majority whip in the US House of Representatives. You can choose your description of him as manipulative, sociopathic and even downright evil. Ultimately he is ruthless in his rise within the party.

Why are We Talking About a WaterRower?

In all four series to date, the WaterRower has featured prominently in Frank and Claire’s home as his fitness equipment of choice for destressing. It also features in his dreams!

More than that, every time a new Series starts, Google Trends shows a large spike in the online searches and interest generated in WaterRower products.

Let’s be specific now, the one used in House of Cards is the Walnut wood model. This is called the WaterRower Classic rowing machine.


waterrower classic

Using a Rower for Fitness

For home gyms (and of course commercial gyms) rowing is a low impact and low to high intensity (you choose). Giving you an all over workout, the beauty of the WaterRower comes in it’s stylish design coupled with the unique design that allows you to store the rower vertically. This gives it a huge advantage over competing rowers.

Giving you an intensive workout means you will be working a range of muscle groups during your rowing ensuring you raise your heart rate nicely, whilst protecting your joints from the sort of impact associated with treadmills.