How to Budget for Your Home Gym

Buying your own fitness equipment can be a liberating affair. But you must choose what you buy and what your budget is going to be before you jump in with both feet and your wallet. We can help and guide you if you need us to, so read on.

Why Do You Need to Plan?

You want to be able to fill the room you have, with the best gym equipment you can afford. Be sure to plan ahead as investing in the right equipment will see you achieve your fitness objectives quicker and you'll also save money in the long term. You’re also likely to be left with a gym that will last a long time.

It is important to note that you can start with almost any home gym budget. The key part is making sure you choose machines/equipment that will get you the results you want to see - whether that's losing weight, getting fit or gaining muscle. There is no sense buying a bench and stacks of weights if you’re training for a marathon.

Do your research and find out the best way of spending your home gym budget.

New vs Used Equipment

It's the age old question, whether to buy new or used equipment. First off, are you serious about your fitness? If you are, then you should only really be considering new equipment, unless it's second hand from the manufacturer as a reconditioned piece of equipment (this will be higher end commercial stuff in reality).

Buying new allows you to buy exactly what you want, get a warranty and also know that the equipment has not sustained any damage or has been sold due to a defect. All we recommend is that you compare a few different products or brands to get exactly what you want and what you can afford.

You will need to buy sensibly though - no gimmicky products. Just stick to dumbbells, free weights, mats and kettlebells if your budget is limited.

Alternatively, you can also look at the different finance options offered on key products if you know you want that Oartec rower or Exigo squat rack. Take a look at our products and you'll see a finance tab there explaining more about how to pay 0% for 12 months to enable you to spread the cost (with no extra interest added!).

Working to Your Budget

A sensible way of setting up a home gym on a modest budget is to begin with an investment you can actually afford then building up your gym as you progress. Put money aside that you would otherwise be spending on gym membership and add to your equipment when you can afford.

If you’re just starting out, you won’t need all the advanced gear to see results. Bodybuilding especially lends itself to this method of setting up a home gym. As you progress and achieve your goals you may need to add to the gym in order to continue seeing results.

In Summary

To conclude, deciding on a budget and planning ahead for your home gym is the key to successful home gym building. Make sure you only spend what you can afford and include any food supplements or clothing that you’ll need to buy on top of the gym equipment. If you’re serious, a home gym can be a great way to get in shape; just don’t bankrupt yourself in the process of doing so, we are here to help plan and budget with you.