1. Exercise During Pregnancy By Buying Your Own Gym Equipment

    Exercise During Pregnancy By Buying Your Own Gym Equipment

    With increased blood pressure, swollen ankles and sometimes the sweats, is there any wonder why increasing numbers of women are buying their own fitness equipment and

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  2. Exercise & Stress Reduction

    Exercise & Stress Reduction

    The formula is simple; exercise and reduce stress. Experts agree exercise one of the best forms of stress management; lowering blood pressure, burning fat and relaxing the body and mind. Some experts even believe exercising on a daily basis can reduce stress levels by up to 40%.

    Firstly exercising can reduce stress is by improving self esteem. Aside from the obvious improvement to physique and fitness, which boosts confidence, setting achievable targets means you can exercise and reduce stress as you attain your goals. The feeling of reward and accomplishment as you begin to see results effectively washes the stress away.

    The health benefits of exercising are also no secret. Exercising is essential in keeping

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