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  1. Exercise During Pregnancy By Buying Your Own Gym Equipment

    Exercise During Pregnancy By Buying Your Own Gym Equipment

    With increased blood pressure, swollen ankles and sometimes the sweats, is there any wonder why increasing numbers of women are buying their own fitness equipment and

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  2. How To Train Your Heart with Fitness

    How To Train Your Heart with Fitness

    Your heart. We all know that love can make it soar, or break it. But did you realise that your lifestyle can do the same? Everyday we make dozens of decisions that affect our health, and, ultimately, how long we live. So how can you train your heart fit? Get active!

    The heart is a muscle, so to condition it you have to use it – to benefit the heart, you need to perform the right exercise with the right frequency, intensity and duration.

    Which Activities Are Good for Working Your Heart?

    Activities that work the heart include walking, running, cycling, rowing, cross-country skiing, jumping rope, and the various indoor variations you might find at your local gym, such

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  3. The Art of Group Cycling

    The Art of Group Cycling

    Group Cycling is a really popular activity at most gyms and health clubs and you may even have your own indoor bike at home, but are you getting the most out of your workout?

    Here we examine some common spinning mistakes.

    The Position of your Bike

    Saddle Height

    The position of the bike is absolutely crucial, if it’s wrong you won’t get the full rotation space to work the muscle groups in your legs properly. To get the saddle height right, stand next to the bike with your leg lifted to 90 degrees. The saddle should be parallel with the top of your thigh.

    When you start pedalling you will know it is right if you have a slight bend in your knee when your foot is in the lowest part of the pedal stroke. If your knee is heavily bent your saddle is too high which will mean you are over working your quads and not working all the muscle groups in your legs.


    The handlebars should be parallel with your saddle. You will initially think that this is too low but when you start the spinning workout any higher and they will get in the way.

    Only Using Your Legs

    Spinning is great for your legs but don’t forget your core. When you come up out of sitting position engage your core which will put less weight on your arms. This will ensure that you work through the whole leg and don’t get injured.


    If you are new to spinning and you are doing it in a class at the gym it can be a bit intimidating at first. Try to zone out from everyone and focus on what you are doing and what you want to achieve.  The golden rule is whatever happens don’t stop pedalling!


    No we aren’t talking fashion, but wearing clothes that are suitable for spinning. Shorts for example can cause real chaffing. If you have the choice always opt for clip in shoes than using your trainers. Clip in shoes will give you better momentum as the ride goes on.

    Next Generation of Bikes

    With the increase in popularity, more and more companies are catching on and designing new and improved bikes for the home market as well as the gym. See two of the best bikes we sell.

     two techno group cycles

    Technogym Group Cycle Connect

    In striking yellow or grey, the Technogym Group Cycle tracks your workout including pow

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