Multi Gyms - An All-In-One Strength Solution

Why buy lots of free weights, bars, a couple of machines and a bench, when a single piece of kit called a multigym could provide you with almost all you need?. Think the "Swiss Army Knife" of fitness equipment if you will.

What is a Multigym?

A multi gym is essentially the one man band of the gym world. They consist of a system of pulleys and cables attached to weights and a variety of benches and handles. The frames are strong and adjustable and can be used to work a variety of muscle groups. There are a number of workouts available on multi gyms and strength training can be very effective when using one. The resistance can be changed to challenge yourself as you gain strength, with some multi gyms and strength training equipment allowing for additional weight stacks to be added once you’ve reached the maximum resistance on the machine.

Multi gyms and strength training is a fantastic way to get in shape, particularly for less experienced users who have are not used to weight training. They offer muscle size as well as tone without the need for pounding free weights in the gym. Workouts are smooth and controlled, meaning workouts are safer, particularly at home alone.

Things to Consider

Whilst the initial investment can be quite high, multi gyms are an ideal start to any home gym arrangement. Instead of purchasing numerous machines, they are relatively compact and can easily fit into garages or spare rooms, removing the need to dedicate entire floors to setting up a gym at home. Often, multi gyms can be added to, meaning as you achieve your goals you can strive to attain that excellent strength and physique.

Make sure you have the space to fit the multi gym in, especially if you don’t have a dedicated home gym space. Multi gyms are quite large and unlikely to fit in an already squashed living room. If space is particularly limited, compact multi gyms weigh much less than their full sized counterparts and offer fantastic work outs whilst taking up much less room; ideal for smaller houses or flats.

In addition, some multigyms offer options to switch between free weight and cable training, which is ideal once you really begin to put on muscle and size.

In Summary

If you are serious about putting on muscle or toning up your body, multi gyms are perfect for home fitness. Be sure to look through the specifications and pick a gym that suits your goals and check the maximum load the multi gym allows. There’s very little point investing a small fortune in a machine that you can already bottom out or not fit where you want, if in doubt please call us,