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  1. A Guide to Body Bar & Body Pump

    A Guide to Body Bar & Body Pump

    When looking for ways to workout at home for strength, toning or stamina, using weights needs to be simple, easy and hopefully cheap enough to attract the masses.

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  2. Body Pump - More Than Just Weights to Music

    Body Pump - More Than Just Weights to Music

    As fitness studies continues to provide new information, exercise programs are developed as a result of this research. Aerobic exercise came about consequently due to the research which showed the benefits of increasing the heart rate to cardiovascular health overall.

    This is also the case with the BodyPump resistance weight training group program. Designed specifically to increase muscle tone and strength, along with other added benefits, without adding the bulk that many people do not wish to gain.

    What is the Body Pump Program?

    A simple explanation of the BodyPump program is as follows:

    It consists of 60-minute resistance exercise using a barbell, however rather than focusing on heavy weights, the emphasis is on low-weight barbells that are used in a more rapid exercise. This is because the idea behind the program is to “exhaust” your muscles so that they strength and tone but do not add bulk.

    You will complete 5-6 specific exercises but with so many reps of each one, ending up having completed approximately 800 reps in one 60-minute session; as the weights used are minimal, these are not horrible to achieve, and thus the program can become addictive. The 6 exercises consist of; squat, chest press, deadrow, clean and press, lunge, and reverse curl.

    All exercises are done to music in the BodyPump program and therefore plays a key factor because there must be a rhythm. The original program which was developed by Les Mills has specific music tracks for all levels or progress. As you improve and gain confidence, there are music tracks that require more rapid movement that you are able to move up to.

    Whilst it is usually taught in a group class which has the benefit of

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  3. A Guide to Body Pump Workouts

    A Guide to Body Pump Workouts

    Body Pump originally started in New Zealand by Les Mills in 1991. It is essentially a barbell workout using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. BodyPump workouts are either 55, 45 or 30 minute workouts. The idea is to tone and shape your body, without building bulky muscle.

    What Is The Science Behind It?

    The key science

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