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There's no such thing as a definitive guide - as every school is different. Likewise, sourcing gym equipment for schools means you'll be looking for the right gym equipment at the right price for your needs (not to fulfil the sellers sales targets!).  

We're experts with a proven track record and we have actually helped schools and colleges in Teeside, Staffordshire, Surrey, Somerset, Hampshire and London in recent months. We don't make promises we can't keep and we don't promote ourselves for designs or kit outs we haven't done. has a great reputation that has been hard earned over years of helping schools, colleges and further education colleges set up (or enhance) their gym spaces.



So Why Should You Have a Gym Space?

Finding school gym equipment is simple if you know where to start. But why is it so important? Having a school gym for students and staff will help you promote the benefits of fitness and be a part of an overall wellbeing strategy. There is in-depth scientific research (see Study-boosting benefits of exercise and the Relationship between Physical Fitness and Academic Performance in University Students ) that proves the link between exercising and overall academic achievement, not to mention the health and wellbeing sides (lower stress and ability to focus more easily). Buying the right gym equipment for your school or college can help you achieve this.

Your school can look at a number of different ways to promote set up a gym, whether you want to repurpose an existing classroom, create an entirely new building to house sports facilities (including a school gym) or to look at container gyms or gym pods with outdoor equipment. This latter option is a simple and cost-effective way of increasing the ways your students and staff can exercise and utilise school grounds.


school gym design overhead

Planning First

Stage 1 : Is a Gym Realistic?

The first thing to decide is whether a dedicated gym space is achievable within the school. This means space, access and practicality.

  • Do you have a suitable space (minimum of about 30m2 ~ 5m x 6m would allow for cardio and strength)
  • Is there a budget?
  • Will it be 'supervised use' or not (this will influence equipment choice)?
  • How will it be used (fitness, GCSE and A Level studies, Staff)?

Stage 2 - What Do You Want and Why?

School gym equipment can be a cost effective purchase (it can also now be bought using a gym equipment leasing plan) if you buy the right equipment. Going for the cheapest equipment rarely offers the most cost effective option.

  • Who will use?
  • What kind of use (Classes, Functional exercise, Stretching, Lessons)?
  • Do you need cardio and strength equipment?
  • Is flooring required (Protect and provide anti-slip)?

Stage 3 - What Type of Equipment?

Now it's all about focusing on the gym equipment itself. Introducing cardio can be expensive if you require treadmills and cross trainers - it also means you will need to have an annual service plan at extra cost.

  • Machines or free weights?
  • Which Cardio (if any)?
  • CrossFit equipment vs 'Conventional'

Stage 4 - Buy In

Budget-wise it is always tempting to go for gym leasing. This free's up capital and spreads out the payment evenly over a number of years. However, it is not for everyone and you may have already secured funding including :

  • Fund-raising efforts (PTA - Donations)
  • Grants/Bursaries from Government/LEA
  • Local businesses



school gym design render

Additional Things to Consider

Above is the more practical and "easy to answer" questions for setting your school gym. We have a few more things for you to consider.

Initial Research

Why not ask your students, staff or even parents? This may open a Pandora's box, but this may well give you some valuable ideas on the consensus within the school when combined with your staff, PE department and Headteachers vision.


If you have a vision for how your gym will be used, we can then help create what we call gym zones. This is a simple and safe way to create defined areas for the equipment  and for your users. Putting cardio together, free weights together or a defined floor stretching and mat area is safe and easy to manage. It's also great for group sessions if you wish to run those also.


The right flooring is essential not just for health and safety, but for more practical reasons too. Giving cushioning, anti slip and subfloor protection are all important factors. Traditional carpet tiles are not good for gym spaces.


Not just about preening! Mirrors provide light, they make a space look bigger and they allow all users to keep an eye on form during workouts. Carefully placed, you do not need a full wall if you don't want.

Training & Education

When you set up a gym, making sure everyone uses it safely is important. Where you buy machines through, we can provide you with training if you wish. Alternatively why not do a deal with a local PT? Good idea for stretching, free weights, technique and form for all exercises.


Look for long warranties for your equipment. This is very important for cardio equipment or pulley machines. Commercial should be a minimum of 2 years for parts and labour. Coupled with a annual service contract you should then be well covered.

Annual Servicing

This is especially important for cardio machines. Dust, dirt and usage will all take its toll and whilst you will have a commercial warranty, prolonging the life of your investment should be something you consider. We can provide annual service and maintenance contracts as part of your quote.


gym designer

Our Gym Design Service

Maximising your gym space is essential. Our school gym design team are experienced and highly knowledgeable. We don't oversell, we know which gym equipment to choose based on your actual needs.

Our goal is always to create a stylish, functional, accessible, versatile and, ultimately, affordable gym for your school.

Our white glove service includes free designs, free consultancy, installation, training session(s) if required, annual servicing contracts and a dedicated single point of contact at all times to make the proicess as painless as possible. We can even walk you through gym leasing if that is an option you want to check out.

Feel free to call us now on 01494 952182 for any advice.