1. Beginners Guide to Rowing

    Beginners Guide to Rowing

    The benefits of indoor rowing are undisputed.  No other gym equipment rivals the rowing machine when it comes to providing a calorie scorching, low impact, full body workout.  When correctly executed, the rowing action uses every large muscle group in the body (roughly 85% of total muscle mass,) building lean muscle and kick starting the metabolic system from stroke one.

    Beginners Guide to Indoor Rowing

    The humble indoor rower also tops the list when it comes to training your cardiovascular system.  Amongst athletes, elite rowers are renowned for having the biggest hearts and lungs going. British

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  2. Technogym Launches SKILLROW, A New Solution To Indoor Rowing

    Technogym Launches SKILLROW, A New Solution To Indoor Rowing

    IHRSA 2017, The International Health Racquet and Sports Club Association held its annual conference in Los Angeles a few weeks ago (March 2017). IHRSA is dedicated

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  3. Which Rowing Machine does Frank Underwood use in House Of Cards?

    Which Rowing Machine does Frank Underwood use in House Of Cards?

    It’s a question that thousands of viewers of Netflix’s House of Cards series want to know – even now months after the latest House of Cards

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  4. Cardio Workouts with Rowing Machines

    Cardio Workouts with Rowing Machines

    Rowing machines are excellent for toning muscles throughout your body as they work your legs, hip, back, arms, shoulders and abs. All this whilst providing a cardio workout that burns up to 800 calories per hour.

    What is it About Rowing Machines?

    Always popular and always busy in the gym, the rower is one mean piece of equipment if you know how to use it. The combination of muscle toning and cardio workout is pretty much unique, and one of the reasons that rowing machines are so popular not just in gyms, but also at home.  If you only have the space for one piece of equipment, it’s hard to think of anything that will provide more value for your pound, generally easy to store as most of them you can tip up and store against a wall.

    Buying Your Own Rower

    If you want to buy your own rowing machine for great cardio workouts in the comfort of your own home, you need to know what to look for.  When you start comparing different models, you’ll quickly find that the biggest difference is between those with magnetic resistance (at the lowest end of the price range) and the water or air resistance models, which are more expensive.

    This is an area where you get what you pay for.  Rowing machines with magnetic resistance are generally less smooth than water/ air resistance models, they are also far less reliable.  For anyone who intends to use their rowing machine on a regular

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  5. Gym Equipment to Burn Calories

    Gym Equipment to Burn Calories

    So you’ve decided to lose weight. Maybe you’ve joined a gym or invested in some fitness equipment yourself. There is much advice regarding weight

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