The Latest Inspire FT2 in Matte Black

The Inspire FT2 - It's Latest Incarnation in Matte Black

Why are we excited? Because we think this is the upgrade that the FT2 has been waiting for. The Inspire FT2 is already a great dual adjustable pulley system for the home or for a commercial studio. It punches well above it's weight thanks to it's build quality, features and the price.

Here at we love the FT2 so much, we've installed it in our showroom and it's used and fully put through it's paces by interested buyers each week. With more than adequate dual weight stacks, adjustable pulley system with eight pulley points each side, overhead pull up bar and a Smith System Olympic bar that links to the weight stacks, it's a superb all-in-one package.

Inspire Fitness have focused on manufacturing and designing the very best in functional systems and multigyms. From their FT1 through to the M5 Multigym, they include a lifetime frame warranty as well as 2 year warranty on the cables. Installation can be carried out by one of our experts, meaning you can be working out on your new FT2 in just a few days from ordering.

ft2 pull up bench upright

What's Great About The Inspire FT2?

  • It's versatile - providing a multi-pulley (DAP) system and smith bar system for both functional training and pure strength work
  • You don't need any additional plates in order to use the Smith System. Flick a tab to engage/disengage the Smith Machine to the Pulley system
  • Extremely well built and well designed. Comes with a lifetime frame warranty and feels solid all round whether you are using pulleys, Smith System or using the pull up bars
  • There is some adjustability in the frame for height - giving you more flexibility. It also allows for the pulleys to be set higher to increase raneg of movement if you have clearance
  • Accessories included with FT2 include two 'D' handles, easy curl bar, straight bar, ankle cuff, swing handle, tricep rope, 2 x 5lbs add-on weights and multi-function belt
  • Optional extras include a sturdy bench, abdominal bar, 2 x 50lbs weight stack upgrade, leg curl/extension

Buying The FT2

If you think the FT2 fits the bill at a price you like, then you can order online from us today from the product page at Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer Package.

If you want to come and see the FT2 in action and give it a try, then contact our showroom to book an appointment (or just drop in)

finally, if you want to check any of the details or just ask us a question, then call us now on 01494 956765.