1. Calculating Your Training Zone

    training zones


    To workout effectively and efficiently, knowing your optimum training zones can be a great way to ensure you're focusing on the right type of training -

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  2. Which Fitness Trends Will Stick?

    Which Fitness Trends Will Stick?

    Fitness trends have changed over the years with the rise of boot camps, workouts in the park and boutique gyms. So what can we predict could happen in 2017 and even 2018?

    Based on what’s big in the States right now may help us predict what could hit the UK next year and whether you think it's going to give you a new motivation for working out.

    Return To Basics

    The first prediction is a complete return to basics.

    In the USA at the moment there is a growing popularity of TRX classes. This is a single piece of fitness equipment that provides you with a great cardio and strength workout. It's inexpensive and uses your body weight to create the resistance.

    It seems that people want to get back to simple but challenging workouts. With that in mind we also see an increase in popularity of HIIT workouts.

    HIIT Workouts

    HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is growing in popularity as a way of burning fat.

    The basic principle is that you alternate low to moderate intensity intervals with high intensity intervals. This can cover anything from running to squatting, the basic concept is that you alternate the intensity. The results are well documented, your metabolism speeds up and you will burn more calories throughout the day.

    This type of workout may be best started with a class or two so you get the idea and whether it's right for you. There's new ones popping up all over the Uk at the moment.


    We don’t think you will be dressing like Jane Fonda again, but we do see aerobics making a return! In fact step aerobics are increasing in popularity already.  

    Take the hype away and aerobic literally means ‘with oxygen’. As long as there is enough oxygen to provide you with energy your fatigue should be at a low level.

    There's always an aerobic class in every leisure centre and if you know where to look you can look for some of the offshoot classes like Body Combat.

    Park Fitness

    Another activity on the rise is outdoor activities. More and more local parks are setting up outdoor gyms with equipment like pull up bars and stationary bikes.

    The idea as before

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  3. Understanding Plyometrics & Plyometric Workouts

    Understanding Plyometrics & Plyometric Workouts

    Found in varying degrees of the majority of all athletic movements, speed and strength are essential components of fitness. The combination of speed and strength

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