Cross Fit Training Equipment

What is Cross Fit training? Cross Fit training is essentially a strength and conditioning programme based on varied but extremely challenging workouts. Try to think of a circuit style workout and you will get the idea.

Why Is Cross Fit Proving So Popular?

Variety is the name of the game here. In fact the official Cross Fit site lists the following as the core physical skills you will develop in cross fit programmes-cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.

So Cross Fit is all about variety of workout and challenge, hence their use of the following slogan’ the sport of fitness’. But it’s also about working out with other people. Cross Fit equipment often allows 3 or 4 people to be working out at the same time, using different parts of the same equipment. The military have fully embraced Cross Fit training as a way of trying to build complete body fitness. The ultimate goal of Cross Fit is to get that combination of becoming faster, stronger and more agile.

The Cross Fit training model therefore encourages individuals to practice major lifts, master the basics of gymnastics, pull ups, sit ups and biking, running and swimming really hard and fast. All of this, five or six days per week mixing in as many elements and combinations as you can. The key here is variety with short yet intensive workouts.

So if you want to offer Cross Fit in your commercial gym or want to follow a Cross Fit workout at home, what equipment do you need?

Cross Fit Equipment

Whether you're thinking of your own gym , or speccing out a studio or gym, there's a whole range of equipment you can choose from, none of it absolutely essential to be fair.


The good thing about Cross Fit training is that the equipment you need is quite basic gym equipment, the key is how you use it. The philosophy behind Cross fit is that it is all about hard work and dedication as opposed to some new-fangled piece of gym equipment. So here we are talking about rigs, weights, ropes and kettlebells.

If you are a commercial gym you may want to purchase a rig that can be used by a number of users at the same time. This could allow you to offer weight training, circuit training and suspension training. Some rigs allow you to have multiple squat racks, set up a combat style rig or even a large enough area for up to 8 people to be working out-complete with ropes, free weights, rings and kettlebells.

With some rigs you can also store Olympic size bars. Whilst you may worry about the cost involved many rigs are actually a good cost alternative to having lots of individual equipment.

Rigs offer you the opportunity to build exactly what you want.

Rig Attachments

Rigs are like a Lego system so you could have a rig with the following attachments :

  • Dip bars
  • Core plate
  • Plyometric jump platform
  • Ropes
  • Olympic bars

If you are setting up a Cross Fit station at home you can also consider a rig designed for smaller spaces, some will even sit up against a wall.

Other Equipment

As we have said with Cross Fit training you need to work in variety hence the need to have different types of equipment that ideally you can use with a rig. We have mentioned a few already but here are a few more suggestions.

Ideally you need somewhere to perform pull ups and dips. The pull up will help build a strong upper body. Once you master the pull up you can also consider weighted pull ups and will then need to acquire a weighted vest, dipping belt or simply holding a dumbbell or medicine ball between your feet.

Gymnastic rings are also a good option because they are relatively cheap, durable and really give you a good work out. They can be suspended over pull up bars, beams or you could fix them in place permanently.

Parallettes can also be considered, they are essentially gymnastic equipment similar to parallel bars but they are not as high off the ground. This will need some time to master but you will see amazing results in your muscular development.

In addition you can consider purchasing plyometric boxes, medicine ball, dumbbells, kettlebells, a climbing rope and even a concept 11 rower . Together they will enable you to follow most Cross Fit training programmes.

In Summary

There's so many items of equipment you can choose from, but the central component really should be a rig if you can afford one financially and space-wise. Get some advice on what you can work with to start off, you can always add to this later which keeps the costs down!