1. The Latest Technogym Bike & Live Platform

    The Latest Technogym Bike & Live Platform

    With the new "Technogym Live" digital platform coming soon, what better way to launch it than with a new bike - catchily named the Technogym Bike. They are sure to add a new moniker sometime soon but, in the meantime, what do we know about this latest offering from the uber-stylish Italian fitness equipment brand?

    March 2019 started with an exclusive London launch event where it was rumoured the new Technogym bike was to make it's appearance. Spot on. What Technogym also went on to show was their roadmap for fitness content and interaction with their users. The new Technogym LIVE digital platform will offer their end-users (as they call them) fitness trainers, videso and guides whether you're at home, in the gym or even in the office gym. Eventually this will be available on their smart bikes, rowers and treadmills.

    The "Live" platform is also designed with gym, studio and hotel operators in mind as it allows them to stream their classes to their members in the gym and in their homes. This gives Technogym access to potential users 24/7.

    Why Focus on Fitness Content?

    Technogym want their fitness content (videos, guides, tips) to link seamlessly with both their current fitness equipment and with a new range of equipment they are working on right now. That manes you will get a synergy between style, technology and information - as a way of attracting, retaining and inspiring consumers of the technogym brand.

    technogym bikes

    First Up - The Bike

    As the first product to be released on the digital Live program, the Technogym Bike is actually a hybrid of the current Group Cycle, with the digital platform to put classes and groups right in front of the user, at home or in the gym.

    An adapted, hybrid group cycle, it's a commercial grade indoor cycle that has suiccessfully been used across the world for indoor cycling classes and professional riders. With it's indoors / outdoors experience, the Poly-V belt with kevlar cords, the near perfect fit and posture settings and magnetic resistance system, it is a market leading indoor cycle that allows you

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  2. The NOHrD Bike - Indoor Cycle

    The NOHrD Bike - Indoor Cycle

    The NOHrD Bike Has Now Arrived!

    Why all the fanfare? Because this is a fusion between design and functionality that doesn't disappoint! The NOHrD Bike was finally revealed to the UK public last September after a successful outing at the FIBO exhibition in Cologne in April 2018.

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  3. British Cycling & Success of the Wattbike

    British Cycling & Success of the Wattbike

    Increasing membership, for the first time in the British Cycling’s organisation history, its membership has surpassed 125,000 with a staggering 75,000

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  4. Buying Guide for Indoor Exercise Bikes

    Buying Guide for Indoor Exercise Bikes

    One of the most popular ways to get in shape, exercise bikes are perfect for both home and commercial use. Exercise bikes offer a low impact way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, and make excellent fitness machines for all types of users, including complete beginners.

    Why Are Bikes Popular?

    One reason that they are so popular, is their ease of use – all models have different levels of resistance, so you can work your legs, heart and lungs as much or as little as you want.  Cycling

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  5. Choosing an Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bike

    Choosing an Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bike

    If space is not an issue, then you may want to look at the benefits and drawbacks for either an upright exercise bike, or a recumbent bike. Here we’ll have a look at both styles and how they may suit your needs.

    The Comfort Factor

    In the upright and recumbent bike comparison, potentially the most important factor is comfort. A recumbent bike offers users a seat, rather than a saddle and the position reduces strain on the body.

    If you suffer from back problems or are overweight you’re likely to come down on the recumbent side of the upright and recumbent bike comparison and notice the difference between the comforts of

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