Royal Commonwealth Pool Undergoes Gym Refurbishment

Gym development & in addition to new flooring and a general overhaul of décor, there are new CV and strength equipment being installed. These include PowerMills, SkillMills and water rowers. A new area will be created to incorporate a new synergy training system alongside a new class programme.


The PowerMill climber from Life Fitness offers an amazing stepping workout experience. This is due to the largest usable step space you will find from any step machine and an anti-toe pinch design so your footing is very secure. In addition ,maintenance is easy, the handgrips have start/stop and speed controls that are easy to use and Lifepulse technology provides precise heart rate monitoring throughout.

The PowerMill climber is a great way to get fit and really tones the lower body muscles, a great cardio workout or can be used as a great warm up.

The console is also worth mentioning as the LCD touch screen offers optional TV, iPhone and internet connection. The consoles are also compatible with all FitBit products so it is even easier to track your progress.


SkillMill produced by Technogym is the first machine to work on power, speed, stamina and agility, all in the one product. The SkillMill looks like a curved treadmill allowing the user to either walk, run or sprint. If you move to the front of the deck the pace increases, the back slows you down. The unique design is the absence of a motor which reduced running costs and carbon footprint.

Resistance can also be added from a resistance free workout to maximum resistance. Customised training programmes can also be created. Accessory kits are also available which allow you to carry out a variety of pulling and pushing exercises through handles or a waist belt.


Rowing is a great aerobic exercise because not only does it work the whole body but it is low impact.  In terms of burning calories rowing can burn over 600 calories an hour, as a comparison to burn 600 calories on an exercise bike would take 1 hour 20 minutes. So you get a great workout but can protect your knees and other joints which often suffer from running or cycling. But it doesn’t only create a great cardio workout it also improves muscle tone and strength for the arms, shoulders, back and legs. When you are creating a home gym a rower is a great addition. They are generally affordable bits of kit, easy to store and can really help you achieve great results.

Rowers include air and magnetic rowers but water rowers are the ones that replicate the dynamics of rowing on water, so for many it also ‘feels’ better than a non-water rower.

The resistance is created by a fan which rotates in a tank of water which creates the sound and vibration of rowing on a real water. Many water rowers also look great and offer a really compact design which is great for a home gym.

In Summary

So, for users of the Royal Commonwealth Pool the future of gym membership looks great. It is worth mentioning that during the refurbishment members can use other Edinburgh leisure venues including Meadowbank sports centre and Craiglockart sports centre.

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