Life Fitness Working with European Centre for Space

Chosen to provide a world class gym at the European Centre for Space Applications, they will kit the gym out to handle workouts for the 80+ employees and travelling experts that visit the Didcot centre.

Who Are Life Fitness?

Life Fitness began 40 years ago and exists to help people live fitter lives. They are best known for producing the world’s first electronic fitness equipment - the LifeCycle Exercise Bike. Now the company has over 400 products bought by both commercial gyms and individual home users alike.

Product development has been remarkable, so from the first exercise bike we now get the Life Fitness LifeCycle GX bike with console. This bike has all the latest biometrics with a rear flywheel and belt drive for a very smooth ride. A far cry from the first exercise bike but symbolic of the research and development carried out by the company to continue to produce leading edge fitness equipment.

What Do Life Fitness Produce?

Life Fitness now produces a wide range of products including cardio training treadmills, Lifecycle exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers, summit trainers and stair climbers, all are market leaders for their design and overall look. They also produce group training equipment, strength training equipment and a range of accessories for the home and commercial gym.

Working with ESA

The company has now announced that it has just equipped a new corporate gym for the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications(ESA). Based at Didcot in Oxfordshire the gym can be used by the company’s 80 employees as well as ESA visitors from 12 different European nations and Canada.

This follows on from the company successfully working with a number of organisations including health clubs, local authorities, Hotels, professional sports clubs and educational establishments to equip them with the latest equipment.

This latest news relating to ESA enables employees to work out in the workplace so that getting fit is not a case of trying to fit it into a busy lifestyle, it can be incorporated into the working day. This is all part of employers realising that a healthy workforce brings a number of benefits including productivity and recruitment and retention.

Life Fitness has also worked with organisations including Vodafone, Exxon Mobil and Disney to implement similar workplace gyms to enhance employee wellbeing.