Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black

An award winning treadmill - the MYRUN Technogym in Cosmo Black is stylish, compact and offers a unique digital experience with Zwift compatibility.

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Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black
Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black

Technogym MYRUN Cosmo Black

This running machine provides some innovative technology and easy access to bespoke training programs that will help you track and improve your workouts! Using your tablet you can improve your running by downloading the MYRUN app that gives you complete access to personalised training programs and running technique feedback.

The Technogym MYRUN is the perfect treadmill for home use. It has been specially designed so that you get one of the largest running surfaces, on a machine that takes up minimal floor space. It is about as minimal and unobtrusive as you'll get from a running machine and is incredibly quiet to use. Scroll down the page for full details on this amazing product.

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FREE Delivery & Installation for total peace of mind

FREE Product Demo - Come and try it out at our Beaconsfield showroom

2 Colour Options - We also sell the MYRUN Technogym in a 'Stone Grey' colour

Why Choose the MYRUN?

  • Easy to set up on delivery - less than 5 minutes
  • Can be used with or without a tablet
  • Very low energy consumption (<0.5W in standby)
  • Turns on as you approach thanks to a proximity sensor
  • Beautifully designed console with fast track speed and incline controls
  • A large running surface with a small footprint
  • Silent platform that actually adapts to the way you run
  • Get feedback on your stride frequency, stride length, displacement and more
  • When used with a tablet the MYRUN app lets you create 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon programmes

The New Cosmo Black MYRUN Technogym

Woman running - MYRUN

If you enjoy running on a treadmill and want to workout at home, then the new Cosmo Black version of the MYRUN is right up your street. The real beauty of the MYRUN is that whether you want to use your tablet or not, you have the choice.

With no tablet, press the "Single Switch" start button and then set your desired speed and incline - it's that simple!

The Technogym design team have ensured the MYRUN provides a professional size running surface that takes up the smallest floor space possible. They have also designed this treadmill to be simple to assemble. Minutes after you take delivery, you could be using the MYRUN to workout on.

The MYRUN is Designed by Runners

Whether you use with or without a tablet, this treadmill has been created to offer you what they call the 'ultimate running workout'. You will also be accompanied by a personalised training program and you can get running technique feedback to help you improve your running and walking - forever!


zwiftWhy not link MYRUN to the Zwift platform so you can train in different settings and customize your routes for difficulty.

In addition, you can challenge other runners and access maps, routes and competitive challenges. Interactive running to help engage you more whilst the MYRUN tracks your statistics for you.

How to Improve Your Run?

The running technique feedback is key to improving your efficiency and running style. The Technogym medical and scientific team have created what they call "Running Rate" (patent pending). This is an index of your running performance that 'grows' as you increase speed with the ideal step frequency. This all acts to improve efficiency whilst reducing the risk of injury.

step - lengthStep frequency

Do you know how many steps you run in a minute? The MYRUN improves your step frequency by adjusting it to speed.

Stride length

Again, do you know your stride length? Why not find the most efficient length.


If you displace your centre of gravity, this can cause you to run lopsided. MYRUN can help minimise this.

Adaptive & Silent Running Surface

Able to give you an incredibly smooth and quiet run, even at 12.4 mph. The MYRUN Running Surface adapts to the way you run, reducing injury risk thanks to absorbing impact without removing the momentum from your run.

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Footprint

MYRUN TECHNOGYM has the best ratio of running space:footprint, the MYRUN treadmill lis a category leader in more ways than one.

Whatever your goal, there’s a programme for you

dashboard - MYRUN

If you want to plan your exercise and training sessions, or do something a little different for once, then MYRUN TECHNOGYM can ensure it's fun and effective.

Improve runningImprove Your Run

Our pre-programmed training programmes help you improve your running technique with some targeted exercises.

ideal training programsCreate your ideal training programme

Depending on how fit you are, when you train and what your end goal is, you can also create bespoke programmes.

Maximise trainingMaximise your training

Interval training improves your speed and cardiovascular resistance in the most effective and efficient way - plus it will probably leave you sweating too.

Constant Pulse RateTrain at constant pulse rate (CPR®)

You can ensure that you stay on track by maintaining the best cardio rate for your goal - using the Constant Pulse Rate setting to monitor exactly what's going on with your heart rate.

 Run to the beat

'Running Music' chooses the songs best suited to the rhythm of your run, making MYRUN TECHNOGYM® the first music interactive treadmill ever.

5 mins to go5 Minutes - Ready to Go

Carefully designed to be of minimum fuss to assemble, it takes just 5 minutes from delivery to get the MYRUN treadmill up and running.

Lowest energy consumption

Using a discreet proximity sensor, the MYRUN turns on as you approach. In terms of being low energy, it uses an average of 700 W at 10Km/h/6.21 mph. The MYRUN also goes into standby mode automatically meaning it uses less than 0.5 W when not in use (for a comparison, this is equivalent to Class AA+ in a domestic appliance).

New materials and solutions

Taking inspiration from the auto and electronic industry, our Italian design and manufacturing skills have given the MYRUN TECHNOGYM the very best in innovative materials and precise engineering.

Chest strap for heart rate monitoring

The MyRun is compatible with all Bluetooth Smart chest belts. The chest strap we recommend is the POLAR WEARLINK H7+ Bluetooth (Bluetooth smart 4.0) (optional purchase when buying a MYRUN TECHNOGYM® treadmill).

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More Information
Free Installation Yes
Weight 92kg
Equipment Usage Home Use
Warranty 2 years parts and labour
Additional Features Integrated iPad/tablet holder. Download the App for your tablet to access personalised training programmes and get instant running technique feedback.
Power Consumption 700W (<0.5 in-standby)
Display Monitor Simple Single Switch Start displaying Speed and Incline.
Heart Rate Monitoring Yes with POLAR WEARLINK H7+ Bluetooth (Bluetooth smart 4.0) (Not included)
Max User Weight 140kg (309lbs)
Power Source 230 Vac +-10% (50-60Hz)
Console Functions Speed, Incline. Download the MYRUN App for enhanced programs and features.
Incline 12%
Treadmill Speed 0.8-20km/h (0.5-9.9m/h)
Running Area 143x50cm (56x20in)
Motor 6.5 HP (Peak)
Length Dimensions 176cm (69in)
Width Dimensions 78.5cm (31in)
Height Dimensions 126cm (47in)
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