The Key To Home Gym Design

If you've always dreamed of having a home gym then why not see how you can make this a reality? Benefits include no more waiting for the piece of equipment you want to use and the opportunity to work out whenever you want wearing whatever you want!

Why Get A Home Gym?


One of the main reasons people often opt for a home gym is the sheer convenience of it. If you come home late you can still work out, if you want to, at midnight, or if you can’t sleep you could do some gym work. A home gym gives you the chance to work out when it suits you rather than working around gym times. Then there’s the issue of cost.

Cost Savings

Many people assume a home gym will be too expensive. But unless you are looking to fit out a huge space, look at the costs. There are many cheap gym membership options available now in what we would call the ‘no frill gyms’. By this we mean, no swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi’s etc. These cheaper options are about £10 - £20 per month.

Over a year that will cost you between £120 - £240 but this will go on year after year. We will show you in this article how you can set up a gym by selecting items and choosing wisely that will represent a long term cost saving. You also need to add into this that a home gym will save you money on travelling to and from the gym.

Add Value To Your Home

There is no doubt that selling your home with a home gym will add value to it. Even if it is a converted bedroom, cellar or garage space it does impress future buyers.


We all know how unappealing a sweaty piece of equipment can be. So one great advantage of your own gym is that you know who has used the equipment and you can keep everything clean and bacteria free. You can also play the music you want and how loud you want.

You Can Be Who You Are

We add this in as some people do admit to finding gyms intimidating. They fear that they will be judges or appraised by how heavy the weights are for example that they lift. You may also feel that you will be judged by how thin or fat you are. In your own home no one will judge you.

Individual Space

Some people insist on going to a gym because they enjoy meeting people and working out with others. But if you have a home gym you can always invite friends over to work out with you or if you have the right equipment and hi fi you can for example link in technologically with your favourite class-this is possible on some stationary bikes for example.

Is It Money Well Spent?

If you work out more than once a week and you spend wisely in setting up your gym then we think it is money well spent. But to ensure this then there are a number of key points to remember. The first one is to do some financial planning before you splash out. Decide what the essential items are first from flooring through to equipment and understand that your gym will evolve. An initial spend of 2,000 is a good starting point. You don’t need to buy everything at once. If weight training is your thing then flooring and a set of weights are a great start. Choose carefully and spend wisely.