Tips to Keep You Working Out

We all start the year with good intentions, one of which is often to get fit and look after our bodies better. But it is hard, particularly when the demands of work and family often compete with that intention. Time is tight and often it is the workout that gets dropped. So how can you ensure that this doesn’t happen?

Not all of these ideas will be right for you but one of them may hit that spot that brings success.

Love What You Do

There is no point going to Zumba each week if you secretively hate it. Try lots of different classes at your local gym and use different equipment until you find what you love.

You are more likely to attend a class or the gym if you love the activity.

Workout With Friends

Go with friends to a park workout or plan to do a sponsored walk or run. Introducing this element of the ‘social’ into your workout may encourage you to keep with it.

Consider also a 'gym buddy', not a friend, a pure and simple workout partner to motivate each other.

Find an Inspiring ‘Teacher’

This can be a personal trainer or simply a class instructor that’s right for you. We all need a bit of encouragement along the way so find someone that does this for you.

Remember if you book a personal trainer it doesn’t have to be for ever, you may just need a few sessions to kick start your programme.

Set a Time and Put it in Your Diary

If you set a time to work out that is set each week it will be harder to move it. Move it frequently and it will be easy to cancel or postpone but if Wednesday evening for example is always gym night then you stand a good chance of sticking to it.

Remember to be realistic, there's no point diarising a 6am workout if you get back late every night and need your sleep!

Be Organised

Make sure you block out space in the diary and have your gym bag packed and ready. Again this all makes it harder for you to have excuses as to why you can’t go.

Buy Gym Clothes That You Love

This is not just about women, men too! Wearing horrible old gym pants won’t make you feel good so invest in some great fitting gear that you look good in. Have a few sets too, as a heavy workout will result in smelly, sweaty and damp clothes.

Use Music

Proven to be motivational (we have an article all about this), create your own playlist that motivates and drives you on. What this choice of music is is purely personal but see if this does it for you.

Music will also help you focus, which in turn means you will lift better and lift for longer.

Set Goals

There’s nothing like a goal to drive you on. It could be signing up to a park run, marathon or simply saying that you will be able to do 10 straight push ups. No one likes to fail a goal, simple psychology, so set a goal and use that to drive yourself forward.

Try Short, High Intensity Workouts

If you are really strapped for time remember you don’t need to do an hour of moderate exercise. It is proven that a short 20 minute burst of intense cycling, running or fast walking can be more beneficial. It’s what you do not necessarily how long you do it that counts.

Set Rewards

This may take you back to your childhood but it’s just as useful with adults as with children. Why not treat yourself, but after the workout? This may help to get you going through your workout if you know what the reward will be.