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There's a wide range of boxing training equipment that can help you workout and strengthen your arms, your core and your upper body in general to cope with the boxing action and cardio requirements. Whether you do 1 hour a week or 3 or 4 sessions to build up your boxing skills, having some accessories like a power wheel, some kettlebells and the right mats means you can train safely whilst building strength and stamina. Read more...

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  1. Speed Rope - 7ft (Kids)
    Speed Rope - 7ft (Kids)
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  2. Speed Rope - 9ft (Adults)
    Speed Rope - 9ft (Adults)
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  3. Liquid Chalk for Grip
    Liquid Chalk for Grip
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  4. Pro Push Up Stands
    Pro Push Up Stands
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  5. Jordan Ab Mat
    Jordan Ab Mat
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  6. Hand Renewal Kit
    Hand Renewal Kit
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  7. Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg)
    Slam Balls (3kg - 15kg) From:
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  8. Pro Ab Wheel
    Pro Ab Wheel
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  9. Jordan Medicine Balls (1kg - 10kg)
    Jordan Medicine Balls (1kg - 10kg) From:
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  10. Hatton Speed Ball
    Hatton Speed Ball
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  11. Loumet Gym Balls (1kg - 10kg)
    Loumet Gym Balls (1kg - 10kg) From:
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  12. Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg)
    Flexi-Bags (5kg - 20kg) From:
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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Boxing Training Equipment

The list of boxing equipment is endless and includes gum shields, body protection and of course general gym fitness equipment. All designed to help you with padwork and fitness, we have added some details about a number of items of boxing equipment that we think are particularly useful.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are an essential p[iece of boxing kit. They come in a variety of different weights, materials and finishes. Our advice is to buy leather if you can as you will get more wear out of them. Lace up gloves will also give a snugger fit than Velcro, although for short workouts, it may be easier to go with the velcro. In terms of weight remember that the heavier weight you get the more protection you give your hands. Boxing gloves are essential for boxing, sparring and boxing competitions.


There are many different types of punch bags all performing a slightly different function. But all will help you generally improve your boxing technique and fitness. Speed bags for example are all about you improving the speed of your punches whilst heavy bags are just that, heavy punch bags to help you work on the strength and power of your punches.

Head Guard

Depending on the boxing you are doing a head protector could be a great buy. The best headguards will use shock absorbent materials, will be very durable and easy to clean. Overall, you need to look for headgear that ultimately protects your head as well as giving you excellent peripheral vision. When you measure your head do remember to measure the circumference of your forehead at about an inch above the eyebrows.

Medicine Balls

With a built in handle for a firm grip, medicine balls are great for torso rotations, strength training and single hand throws. Each medicine ball is 8 inches in diameter and comes in a range of weights from 2lb up to 15lb.

Focus Mitts

Also called coaching mitts, these are essentially worn by the trainer or coach. They are pads with a target at the centre which the boxer punches at. They are a great way to work on your punches, accuracy and stamina. We would recommend buying leather if you can and ensuring that they are well padded. Some will also come with moisture wicking, super absorbent, quick drying inner lining.

Skipping Ropes

Skipping is a great exercise in boxing and for fitness in general. It is particularly helpful in boxing for speed, stamina and coordination. Buy a set of skiing ropes as a great tool for your workouts.


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