Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

Want to own a true all-in-one functional trainer? The Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer gives you over 1500 exercises as it is 5 machines in one. Perfect for homes and studios alike - buy the heavy duty Force USA G6 and you won't regret it.

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Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer
Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

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Why Choose The Force USA G6 Trainer?

For a real multi gym and functional trainer, the Force USA Monster G6 provides you with five key machines in one:

  1. Smith Machine
  2. Functional Trainer
  3. Power/Squat Rack
  4. Leg Press
  5. Core Trainer

Plus the G6 also provides four more key elements as part of it's USP :

  1. Chin Ups
  2. Dips
  3. Suspension Trainer
  4. Low Row

Why Is It Unique?

Ok so there's quite a few functional trainers that claim to be the one for you - what makes the Force USA G6 Functional Trainer any different?

Smith Machine

Using a fixed Olympic barbell with the 10 lock out points, the smooth action as you slide up and down the guide rails comes from the commercial-grade rails and bearings.

The leg attachment also attaches to this bar giving you inverted leg press and calf raise options. Just need a few Olympic plates (2"/50mm holes) and you're away.

Functional Trainer

This is the 2:1 ratio trainer (meaning 50kg actual weight each stack), but you can also use resistance bands to add more resistance. There's 19 different height positions each side giving you complete control for a very wide range of exercises.

The 6.2mm nylon coated cables are tested to over 2000lb and do not suffer from stretch as a lot of other manufacturers cables can do. Use straight bar, D handles or V handles using the karabiner.

Power/Squat Rack

The squat or power rack comes with J-Hooks and Front Safety arms with 16 height positions giving you almost all height options for ease. The high-end quality J-Hooks and Front Safety arms come with a rubber polymer jacket that helps to protect your bars when in use.

The maximum weight capacity is a very healthy 450kgs for the front safety arms and 450kgs for the J-Hooks also.

Leg Press

As well as the usualy upper body and chest exercises, why not add your legs into the equation. The leg press attachment ensures you can work your legs, quads, inner thighs and glutes with a range of different angles. Force USA provide an extra large checkered footplate to allow for narrow or wide stances.

Core Trainer

As well as using the cables for torso rotation exercises, the landmine attachment allows you to focus on core training. Attached to the base of the

Chin Up / Pull Ups

As part of the frame, the G6 provides a multi-grip pull up/chin up bar. This gives you a range of positions including neutral, wide-grip, close-grip, underhand and overhand. 

Dip Station

As part of the package, the multi-grip dip handles can be attached to the power rack verticals as and when you need. With complete adjustable height based on the frame holes, you can also use weight belts or bands to work those triceps.

Suspension Trainer

Always popular for bodyweight training, the Monster G6 also provides a suspension trainer ring on the chin up bar allowing you to add your TRX or a.n.other suspension trainer (which you need to supply!).

Low Row

Finally, what better way to strengthen those arms and back muscles, simply use the knee holder as an anchor for your feet. You can then switch between the wide grip and narrow grip rowing handle supplied.


Who Should Buy The G6?

Making this simpler to make a decision, the Force USA G6 All In One Functional Trainer is perfect if :

  • You want to maximise your workout space
  • You like the idea of light commercial quality
  • You want all the accessories included with the package
  • Everything uses the weight stacks - no free weights required
  • You want an all in one, easy way to keep fit
  • Sports rehab and functional training are your thing


Don't Buy If...

And before you ask, we're honest about who this is not suitable for :

  • Advanced or very strong users (only 50kg weight stack each side)
  • Your ceiling height is lower than 235cm
  • You have a suspended or wooden floor
  • You are not going to make use of the five key machines
  • You think this is like a traditional multigym

What's 'In The Box'

As part of the Force USA G6 you also get the following included :

  • Chart with 35 key exercises
  • Multi grip pull-up / chin-up bar
  • Leg press
  • Polymer Protective J-Hooks
  • Front safety arms
  • Land Mine attachment (Core trainer)
  • Double Ended Functional Training Bar
  • Spade Bar Lat Pull-down Bar
  • Short Straight Bar
  • Tricep V Bar Close Grip Handle
  • Functional Training Single Ended Sport Handle
  • V-bar Handle
  • Metal Stirrup Handles
  • Pull-down Rope Handle
  • Abdominal Belt
  • Multi-grip Dip Handles
  • Leg Press + Low Row Foot Plate
  • Pull-down Knee Holder
  • Olympic Barbell Storage
  • Storage for Attachments
  • 2 x Olympic Lock Collars
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 6 x Olympic Spring Clips
  • 2 x Extension Chains
  • 4 x Spring Snap Clips
  • Suspension Training Ring


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More Information
Weight 495kg
Home Featured Product Yes
Equipment Usage Home & Light Commercial Use
Warranty Home: Lifetime Structural Warranty, 2 Years on Moving Parts, 90 Days on Upholstery, 6 Months Accessories, Cables 2 Years, Labour 1 Year. Light Commercial: 10 Year Structural Warranty, 1 Years on Moving Parts, 90 Days on Upholstery, Cables 1 Year. No labou
Made From Frame: Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing
Additional Features Included: Abdominal Belt, Lat Pulldown Bar, Metal Single Handles, Tricep Rope, Tricep V Bar, Short Bar, Shiver Bar (Short Tricep), Long Functional Double Ended Bar, Close Grip Row Handle, Extension Chains, Core Trainer, Leg Press Plate
Resistance Type Free Weight and Weight Stack
Accessories Available Included: Multi Grip Chin Bar, Lat Pulldown Knee Lock, Dip Bar, J-Hooks, Front Safeties, Band Pegs
Weight Stacks Dual 99.5 KG /221lb Weight stack total (199kg/ 442lb), Band Attachments to Increase Resistance
Folded Dimensions Boxed: 2 Crates of 248 kgs each. Crate 1: 66cm by 62cm by 29cm Crate 2: 222cm by 87cm by 41cm (496 kgs total). Kerbside or Unpacked in van and brought into room of choice.
Width Dimensions 185 cm
Height Dimensions 234cm (minimum ceiling height of 235cm required)
Depth Dimensions 166 cm
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