Life Fitness Equipment Protection Mat - Medium

Suitable for bikes and treadmills from Life Fitness or other brands, this Life Fitness medium equipment mat provides protection for your floors as well as grip.

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Life Fitness Equipment Protection Mat - Medium

Life Fitness Equipment Protection Mat - Medium

Gym equipment protector mats are great for not only stopping scratches or dents in floors, they also help to prevent gym equipment from sliding about, especially on wooden floors. In providing a secure footing, this medium equipment mat can accommodate some treadmills and cross trainers as well as rowing machines, like the HX, thanks to it's 250cm length.

Why Use an Equipment Mat?

Cardio equipment moves when being used, it is also heavy even without you on it working out! So whatever your floor type, use an equipment protector mat that's :

  • Medium - dimensions 250cm x 90cm wide
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Constructed with a mesh weaving
  • Coated with an anti-slip finish
  • Easy to clean

Medium Equipment Mat

Perfect for most home treadmills, cross trainers or rowers, this medium sized equipment mat can help you protect your floors from scratching or denting from the feet of your gym equipment. One of the other big problems is that as you use equipment, it moves due to vibrations or due to unlevel floors. This equipment mat will hepl to rid you of that problem.

Life Fitness have produced this medium sized equipment mat with fitness needs in mind. They have made it with a mesh weaving to provide strength and prevent strecthing or distortion of the mat shape due to use. They have then added an anti-slip coating that will help keep your equipment firmly in the place it's intended to be. This is a quality mat that also helps prevent amplification of noise from any machine.

Key Features

  • It's very durable and of good quality
  • is suitable for both hard or soft floors
  • Has a woven mesh construction
  • Includes an anti-slip coating
  • Has 'Edge' treatment to prevent curling up
  • Is easy to clean


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