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Fancy yourself as a Honeyghan, Froch or Mayweather, or perhaps Cain Velasquez (if you're into MMA)? Getting some boxing equipment and accessories into your gym is great for more than just punching the daylights out of a bag. This sport gets you seriously fit and improves tone, muscle and cardio systems in one 'simple' workout. With brands out there that include Adidas, BXR and Jordans, you can be sparring and working out from home with boxing gloves, pads and even a suspended punch bag.

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

What about Boxing Equipment?

Boxing training has become increasingly popular in recent years for both men and women. It brings a number of really key benefits. Not only will you build your muscle strength but you will also burn through those calories. You can easily burn through 500 calories in a single workout. Your arms and legs will get a tremendous workout with the repetitive punches that are required. But the other benefit of boxing is also the mental benefits it brings, particularly stress relief! We can supply you with all the boxing equipment you need to carry out your boxing training.

Punch Bags

Let’s start with punch bags, or as they are also known, heavy bags. Heavy bags can work out a very good investment as they allow you to move from side to side and practice the full range of jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts. There are different types of punch bags. Some are built to withstand heavy punches and kicks whilst others are all about developing speed. For a home gym you also don’t need much floor space. There are a number of different types of punch bags but when buying one do consider how durable and tough it is going to be.

You can choose from PVC bags which tend to be slightly cheaper to leather bags which cost more but will last longer if you plan to use them more frequently. You can also choose from straps or chains, with the later proving to be more hard wearing. You can also buy angles heavy bags which are great for developing those uppercuts. And finally, there are the free standing punch bags which don’t require any hanging to the ceiling or wall, you simply fill the base with water or sand. These are a great option if you can’t hang a ball from the ceiling. They also tend to be wider than hanging punch bags so give you a wider surface area for your punches and kicks.

Boxing Gloves

Another pretty essential piece of boxing equipment are boxing gloves. You can buy two different types of gloves, training gloves and then competition gloves. The real idea of a boxing glove is to protect your hand when you throw those punches. They come in a huge range of weights and styles. If you are working on a speed bag then try out speed gloves, which are relatively lightweight mittens. If you are using punch bags then you need to wear bag gloves which will withstand heavier blows. Sparring gloves are also available to protect you when sparring. Gloves are also weighted so be sure to select the right weight as well as size. Two further decisions are whether to choose leather or vinyl. Leather gloves will last longer but cost more. Then there is the debate over lace ups versus Velcro. Lace ups will give you a more secure fit but the big disadvantage of them is that if you are training alone you will struggle to lace up on your own!

Boxing Accessories

Now you have the punch bag and the gloves there are further accessories that will develop your boxing prowess. Speed ropes are a fundamental part of boxing training. Speed ropes can be made of leather with weighted handles, PVC or simply jump ropes which are the cheapest type. Again, it is useful to decide first what you want to achieve. To build up your abs and core check out the ab wheel. This great piece of equipment gives you the ability to hold positions similar to a plank. It will also help to build up the muscles in your torso including the back, arms, chest and shoulders.

Add Medicine Balls to Your Workout

Medicine balls can also be a great addition to your boxing training. They add weight and resistance to squats, lunges, sit ups and reverse curls. In addition, simply throwing the ball will work your back, shoulders as well as developing your core. The size, weight and materials do vary, some are small 1kg balls, others larger 10kg balls. Some come with handles, others are textured rubber to give you a good grip. The great advantage of medicine balls is that they are relatively low cost, easy to store and yet very effective.

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