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Strength Accessories

If you're into strength training as part of your workouts, then at the point at which you need to change things round a bit, you may want to consider some alternative kit. This is where having a range of strength accessories (and even cable attachments if you use machines) comes into it's own. Accessories dedicated to strength workouts have moved on a pace and include Slam Balls, Battling Ropes and Suspension Trainers. Read more...

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From cardio or strength, to aerobic fitness or gym workouts, these are the products that are selling right now.

Accessories for Strength Training

When you are building up your strength, accessories can make a massive difference. These can range from accessories that you can use on existing equipment to enable you to use it differently, to other accessories that can be used independently.

The main advantage of these types of accessories is that they will increase your motivation as they introduce variety into your workouts and thus make your workouts more effective. We all get bored doing the same programme week in week out, so check out how we can help you get inspired again!

Cable Attachments

Cable attachments include closed grip to wide grip options for multi gyms, lateral pull down machines and any other muscle specific machines involving cables. So if we take the humble chrome cable bar. Many types offer a universal attachment, it will enable you to perform isolation exercises for biceps and triceps. Many of these are offered at prices around £60, so for a relatively small amount of money you can vary your exercises. Handles are a similar product, ideal for cable flys and individual arm isolation exercises.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are an example of a strength training accessory that doesn’t require any other equipment. They are in essence heavy duty ropes available in different diameters which require the whole body to engage but really do work out the core, back, shoulders and arms. Exercises that can be performed include the wave that will give you a really good workout for your arms and shoulders, slams are great for your core and finally rope pulls are really good for the arms and shoulders. When buying battling ropes do check the quality of the nylon casing and that the ropes are non fray.

Slam Balls

Slam balls are another great way to build your strength, whilst introducing something different into your regime. They can develop virtually every muscle group through a wide range of exercises. Slam balls come in different weights from 3kg slam balls up to 15kg and are essentially non bouncing workout balls.  They are designed for high impact, fast repetitive movements. Great for your core strength, co-ordination and flexibility. A great accessory to introduce into your circuits.

Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers are another accessory where you don’t need any equipment other than a door or something equally as sturdy to attach it to. But again the great benefit is that you get to introduce something different into your workout regime. Leveraging gravity and your bodyweight you get a great workout where you can perform hundreds of different exercises. Another great advantage is that they take up little space and are portable so great if you are travelling on business or going on holiday and want to continue your fitness programme. So check out the suspension trainers to build muscle and burn fat, strengthen your chest and arms, increase flexibility and develop a really strong core. So if you are tired of exercise machines or free eights introduce suspension training to liven your workouts up.


Kettle bells can also add variety to your strength training working a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. Kettlebells are different from other forms of training as they involve you engaging in a whole body movement. They focus in particular on the muscles that you use for deceleration and stabilisation. They are available in different weights ranging from 2kg up to 40kg. When buying kettlebells you will have a choice of different designs from cast iron, to vinyl and vinyl coated iron kettelebells.

Other Accessories to Consider

Additional accessories include resistance bands usually made from high quality latex rubber. Offered in different strengths and lengths these are a low cost way to add flexibility to your training programme. They can be combined with free eight exercises to add even extra resistance, challenging your muscles in a different way. As with the suspension trainers they are also a good idea as they are light and portable so good to take with you if you are on the move.

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