Gym Hammer

An awesome piece of functional training equipment, gym hammers are proving very popular for those who want to develop real strength and power

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Gym Hammer

A gym hammer is an original, unconventional training tool! You may well have seen body builders swinging and slamming them on to tyres and now you can buy one here.

Our gym hammers are available in 3 sizes, 4kg, 8kg and 10kg so you can choose whatever size suits you and they have an optimal grip to prevent slippage during use. A workout with a gym hammer can form part of an effective strength and conditioning routine and will help you get in shape.

It is very durable and will not let you down so train like a true warrior and get a gym hammer form

Why Buy A Gym Hammer?

These weighted hammers have been around for years but have only recently started becoming popular for training. Gym hammers are a functional piece of equipment that are popular with personal trainers, body builders and strength & conditioning coaches.

A gym hammer is great to use in strength sessions, circuit sessions or boot camp classes for a high intensity blast. We suggest using these for swing and slamming exercises on to tyres or a suitable cushioned platform. You must go careful when first using them though and keep an eye out for other exercisers.

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