Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel RC - Flat Pack

The Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel RC features an all new steel frame for added durability and solid maple ladder rungs. The ladder barrel currently remains the most adjustable on the market.

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Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel RC - Flat Pack

The Ladder Barrel Rapid Change (RC) creates a platform for you to perform a wide range of strength, stretching and flexibility exercises. This is the Ladder Barrel RC from Align-Pilates and has been constructed using a steel frame, with maple ladder rungs and side barrel panels. Designed to be adjustable, there is 31cm of travel with the opening and closing being market-leading by design.

Why Ladder Barrels?

Every studio should have one as the barrel provides the perfect platform from which you can improve your abdominal muscles and core through specific strengthening exercises as well as proper stretching and flexibility programs. 

Easy to use and, thanks to the design of this ladder barrel, adjustable for your height and the exercise you are performing, you should be able to see quick benefits.

The Ladder Barrel RC

Carefully designed to maximise comfort and use, this piece of Pilates equipment is invaluable if you want to increase the strength and flexibility of your core. By ensuring there's also a good range of distance that you can set between the ladder and barrel, whatever your size you can ensure the exercises are comfortable and targeting the right muscles.

Align Pilates have taken great care to ensure the design and development of this piece of equipment will suit almost all using it. By choosing a steel frame and maple ladder rungs and wood fittings, they have created a beautiful piece of equipment that will last the test of time and be robust during use.

What Exercises Can I Perform?

Thanks to the adjustment and design of the ladder barrel RC, there are a very wide range of exercises that can be performed. Whether you are a runner, a gymnast, wanting to increase your flexibility or using to build that core, you can target a wide range of muscles and muscle groups during a workout. Exercises will range from beginners level through to more advanced and expert ones too.

Exercises include :

  • Hip Flexor stretches
  • Side stretches - obliques
  • Hamstring stretches
  • 'Runners' Lunge stretches
  • Back extensions
  • Hip axis sliders

Key Features

  • Flat packed for assembly
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • American Maple ladder rungs
  • 5 Rung ladder
  • Curved barrel with anti-abrasion upholstery
  • Adjustable distance been rungs and barrel
More Information
Weight 50kg
Equipment Usage Home & Light Commercial Use
Warranty Metal Frame & welded Components - 10 years, Wooden Frames, Gear Bar and Foot Bar mechanisms - 5 years, other non wear & tear - 2 years, Ropes, Straps, Spring Clips, Handles, Fuzzies, Wheels, foot straps, Rotational Discs & Non foam rollers - 1 year, Spri
Length Dimensions 1250mm
Width Dimensions 900mm
Height Dimensions 1050mm
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